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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update on Janna and Chloe

I was wondering how Susanna's(a blog reader) CF girls were doing, so I emailed her and she emailed back. She said I could post it. I just wanted everyone to see how well they are doing. I think she's doing a GREAT job with the girls, especially now that she has a total of 4 kids including a 2 month old! Keep up the good work Susanna, and keep us updated:)

Hello Dear M,
I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been in contact. It seems that I rarely am able to spend much time on the computer. We are doing ok.The girls had their CF appointment last Friday. Janna's weigh in was great ~30.5 lbs~ put her at the 45th percentile for her BMI!!! Her highest ever! She will turn 3 on Oct. 14th. Chloe's weight was only 20lbs 13 ozs. She gained good height, but she didn't gain weight like she should have. This was a real switch, because it's always been Chloe doing better than Janna until this time. Chloe's appetite is great!!She's eating EVERYTHING (even cabbage!!:-), so we feel that it's more of an absorption issue. So...we are switching her enzymes from Ultrase to Creon and maxing out her doses per meal/day. The doctor called this morning with the results of their throat cultures but I missed his call.On the message he said not to worry, but I also know that it means something is on the culture or the nurse would've just called and said it was ok. Overall though, it seems they are doing very very good.
You asked about the blood work etc. after birth. For my last three,my doctor ordered the blood work right from delivery. They tested specifically for the Delta F508 gene right along with the other normal blood work. The results will come back either that there is one, two, or none of that gene found. If one is found...a carrier; two found is CF;or none...not even a carrier. The results were available on the hospital system (where my doctor had access to see) within 2-4 days after birth.My pregnancy doctor is the one that has called me with the results,that's not 'normal procedure' for OB, but if you are very comfortable with your doctor he/she would probably do the same for you.
Baby Levi is doing good too. He goes for his 2 month visit next Monday. I'm hoping for 11.5 lbs! It is Soo nice not to have to give enzymes every time he wants to eat! Nathaniel is being quite a good big brother to all to them (most of the time:-). He absolutely loves holding Levi. My husband has been very busy. They are already gearing up for their next deployment, so he has a lot of responsibilities. He also went before the promotion board last week and out of a possible 150 points to be given, he received 149!!! I was very proud:-) Now tomorrow he is being sent to the board again for "Soldier of the Month"! I'm excited for him, but he thinks I'm being a little overly dramatic:-)
I really enjoy checking out your blog every chance I get. I'm so glad you are expecting a little girl!! That's awesome. Hope all continues to go well for you.
Sincerely~~ Susanna

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