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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scholorship Contest for Students With CF

Below is an email I received from a reader. I think it's a great idea to get involved. Even though my child isn't in school yet, he will be someday:) So if you have time today, take a look and vote.

Hi, I've enjoyed reading your blog, A Cure 4 Lil’ Chris, and saw you focus on family life and cystic fibrosis. I thought that you and your readers would find this scholarship contest for students with cystic fibrosis interesting: www.SolvayCARESScholarship.com
Each scholarship winner has received an initial $2,500 for entering their artwork and essays to help finance post-secondary education. Now you and your readers can vote online for your favorite entry and help one scholarship winner earn $10,000. Voting started September 15 and ends October 15, click here to vote. This scholarship is awarded annually.
Any way you could help spread the word about this program and encourage voting is most appreciated!
If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!
Kind regards,
Renee Barone


Aunt D. said...

This is really cool! I read them all & voted!!

Hilary said...

Hi, I just wanted to post that the 2009 SolvayCARES scholarship program is now open for applications at www.SolvayCARESScholarship.com through May 2009.

This year, 40 SolvayCARES Scholarship recipients will be announced and each one will receive $2,500 for use during the upcoming academic year. To celebrate the 17th year of the SolvayCARES Scholarship, one winner will be awarded $17,000 in place of the standard $2,500 award.

Spread the word out to anyone you know who is eligible to apply!