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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CF Clinic Visit

After our ultrasound appointment, we went to the CF clinic like they had asked us to do. He weighs 24 lbs and 13 oz, and is 31 1/2 inches long.

The doctor came in and checked him out and asked a lot of questions about his cough. We told him that it is going away, but sometimes we can still hear it. We also told him that he is not wheezing or short of breath or anything like that. He never has been and hopefully never will. I think that is why he hasn't been on any nebulizer treatments yet. He listed to his chest and back, and said that his lungs are CLEAR! YEA!!

He also talked about his throat culture results. He asked us if we had a dog. We kinda looked at him funny and said "No...why?" He said that the bacteria that he was growing in his lungs was a bacteria that they usually find in dogs saliva. We looked at each other and said "That's weird and gross." But the doctor said that is was nothing to worry about and that it is something that does not need to be treated. Still kinda confused...we left it at that. I'm still not sure what the name of the bacteria is exactly. I'll get a paper in the mail soon that will tell me.

The doctor said that he is still gaining weight like he is supposed to and that was a good sign. I was relieved to hear that, b/c we have been trying to switch over to regular food instead of baby food. But it seem like he wasn't eating as much. He doesn't drink as much of his bottles as he used to. I even started making 6 oz bottles instead of 8 oz bottles, b/c he kept wasting them. But it must all be balancing out I guess! We'll see when we go for our next appointment on Nov 5th.

The doctor said to just continue the Vest as normal (20 minutes, 2 times a day) and to continue the Sulfatrim until the 21 days are up. I was glad to find out that both Daniel and Ashley(our CF friends) have both been on Sulfatrim. It must be a good one:) He still hates the taste, but we found out that it's not so bad when both of us are here to give it to him. One holds his arms down and opens his mouth, while the other puts it in his mouth. When we are by ourselves trying to give it to him, like we are most of the time b/c we work opposites of each other, well....that's another story:( We'll get there though. Actually, I think he just doesn't like it b/c it is pink! He sees that pink coming and wants nothing to do with it. He Dadda's boy, that's for sure!


Leslie said...

Thanks for the CF update. I've been wondering what you found out. That's pretty strange about Lil' Chris' throat culture. We just never know what our kids are going to pick up! :) So awesome to hear that his lungs are clear! What wonderful news! And his weight, WOW! He's a growing boy!

I have to tell you, your Sulfatrim story about it being pink made me laugh. Watch out Lil' Chris... pink will soon be taking over your world! There is SO much pink stuff for little girls and it's all so adorable!

Auntie Steph said...

It's good to hear that the bacteria, as weird as it sounds, isn't anything serious! Praise God, he's still gaining weight like he should! And, like Leslie said, his world will soon be full of PINK! Sorry Daddy Chris and Lil Chris :( hehehe