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Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of Preschool Pics/Video's

As promised, here are some pics and video's of Lil' Chris' first day of preschool. Sorry it is so long, but I don't have much time to edit it b/c I have to go to work...

He said he had a lot of fun and wants to go back again:) His teacher said he did a great job taking his pills at snack time and played well with the other kids:) YEA!!! He made me VERY PROUD today as I watched him:) Go Lil' Chris!!!

Pray for a healthy year!!

1 comment:

Gemma said...

Just way too cute!!

Looks like he had an absolute blast. He also looks like he's making friends too, way to go Lil' Chris :)

Here's to a healthy happy year xxx