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Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Disney Vaca Pics/Video!!

In May we took the kiddos to Disney World!!! YEA!! It was sooooo much fun!!! They had a BLAST!! I'm so glad I achieved my goal of taking Lil' Chris to Disney before his health may decline(hopefully never;) Of course, I did tear up a couple of times when I was watching his face light up with excitement! It's hard not to when you think of what could have been these last 4 years and what may be in the next...who knows how many years.

This was our first "real" family vacation!! I can't wait to do it all over again!! Hopefully we'll get a chance to do it once every year;-)

Thanks to a fellow CF mom, we got a letter from our CF clinic so that Lil' Chris wouldn't have to stand in long, hot lines which may cause him to become dehydrated. It truly was a blessing, b/c we would not have been able to go on half the rides we did if it wasn't for the pass we got. It allowed us to stand in the handicap line instead of waiting in the long lines, and there was never anybody in the handicap line, so we usually got right on the ride. It was soooo nice!! Although I would MUCH rather Lil' Chris didn't have CF and have to wait in the long lines with us all being healthy! ;(

Ayla did a GREAT job! She is potty trained, but we weren't sure how she was going to do at Disney where you might not be able to find a potty right away. She wore a pull-up in the long car ride there and back, but at the parks she DIDN'T!!! WooHoo for no accidents!!! Way to go Baby Girl!!

Special Thank You to my sis and her fam for letting us stay with them on the way up and back from Disney. It cut the long ride in half which was VERY nice!! Plus we got to visit with them for a couple of days, which was AWESOME!!!

I hope you enjoy this video...beware...it is like 19 minutes long;) There was just too much good stuff to cut out ;-) Although I did cut out a lot b/c it WAS over 30 min long;-) LOL! What can I say...I like capturing precious moments:)

Coming soon....more Disney pics that the professionals took(way better than mine;-) lol


PS. Don't forget...CF Fundraiser at Wooster's CiCi's Pizza tomorrow Tues 8/16 from 5-8p!!

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