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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cold / Cough Update

Well, I guess it was inevitable...Ayla is sick too with a runny nose and cough;-( My nose was runny a little bit today too, but not too bad yet...it will probably hit me tonight or tomorrow;( Boooooo. Oh well. I hope my hubby doesn't get it or Oma and Opa since Nathan and the boys will be staying at their place next week.

Lil' Chris was so stuffed up today, that he asked to get his nose suctioned...shocked, right?? I know!! Me too!!!!! So I did a little, then he did a little with the lil' ball thingy, then I brought out the big guns(the battery operated thing that sucks out the snot, sorry I know it's gross;) LOL! To my surprise....he did GREAT!!! He was always afraid of that thing!! He just hit the button to play the music and then suctioned his nose, and then I got the rest!! The part he really liked was seeing the snot drip down in the little holder....I know TMI;) LOL Sorry!! I'll stop now, but in the CF world, it's common to talk about all these gross things:) To know that he likes the suction thing is a BIG step for him!! GO LIL' CHRIS!!!! BTW, Ayla tried it herself for a second, but would not let me go near her with it;-) LOL

I guess that's it for now, oh yeah...his cough still sounds mostly dry, but will probably turn into a wet cough soon unfortunately;(

Thank you everyone for all your prayers for Lil' Chris and for Phoenix, his fellow CF buddy. I am happy to report that Phenny is doing much better and is home:) YEA!!! See prayer does work!!!

I'll keep you posted,


Victoria's Mom said...

Do you have a link for the electric suction thing? Sounds like it might be worth a look.

Auntie Steph said...

Hope the kids are feeling better! Praise God Phoenix is home and feeling btter :) The kids can't wait come out for a visit and play with Chris and Ayla. They will be bringing Lil Chris' birthday present with them. Give the kiddies hugs and kisses from me
Love you guys