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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yikes, Preschool time already!! / CF Update

Decisions, decisions....:)

I guess we have a winner!!

Ayla had to get one too:) Hopefully she still likes Dora next year;-) LOL

It's official...Lil' Chris is going to preschool!!! We went to his preschool orientation the other night! I can't believe my baby is even old enough for preschool already!! Where has the time gone?!?

It was a very hard decision. I don't care about the money(even though we don't have it;), or that he is my baby, as much as him getting sick. I'm just worried that this may be the start of the decline in his health. I told my husband I just want one more healthy year before he HAS to go to Kindergarten. I originally wanted him to go to preschool, b/c he wasn't catching on with me teaching him his letters and numbers, but lately he has really taken an interest in it and is really starting to catch on! He can even write his name now!! I really think I can teach him and get him prepared for Kindergarten now, whereas before I didn't think that. My husband still thinks we should still send him for the experience. I'm just so worried with all the germs. He went to VBS for 2 days and then church that Sunday and got sick. I can't imagine 3 days a week EVERY week, esp in the cold and flu season!! I'm not looking forward to him getting sick all the time and then have to start on nebulizers everyday like most CFers;( We still haven't paid or anything and can still not send him, but he is all excited about going and has his backpack all packed and ready. How can I say no now?! My gut says keep him home one more year, but I guess I'm going to have to let him go and just pray that he doesn't catch too many colds or any bad germs that could really affect him for the rest of his life. It is a church preschool, so there are a total of 15 kids they said. It is Mon, Wed, & Fri from 9-12. At least it's not all day, I guess. lol. Poor thing is going to have to miss his 2nd day of school already b/c he has a CF clinic appt on 8/24. I may try to get the time changed if I can.

Big Thank You to my sis-in-law for letting me vent to her. I thought I might as well vent on here too;) LOL :)

Another BIG thanks to my fellow local CF moms, Alma and Mary, for giving me some good advice on educating the teachers about CF, and for putting my mind at ease a little bit:) THANKS GIRLS!!!

Look...I can FINALLY fit all of Ayla's hair into a ponytail:) YEA!!! I was sooooo excited!! She's 2 1/2, I thought it would never happen;-) LOL

As requested by Victoria's mom, here is the nose suction thing I was talking about in a previous post. I've seen them at Kmart and Babies R Us usually for about $19.99.

Lil' Chris' cough turned wet after my last post. He is still coughing, but not as much as he was. I'm hoping that it will go away on it's own without any antibiotics like the last 2 coughs. Everyone else is all better, PTL:) Thanks for all the prayers!!

This Tues(8/16) I have another CF Fundraiser at CiCi's Pizza in Wooster from 5-8pm!! Hope to see you there!!

I've got lots more to post about, but house chores are calling me;(

Pray Lil' Chris stays healthy throughout the school year!


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