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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CF Updates on Lil' Chris & Phoenix

I thought I would give an update on Lil' Chris' cold. His nose has been stuffy all day and he has been coughing quite a bit too. Although it is a dry cough as of right now, it still worries me, b/c it usually turns into a wet one. Yesterday his nose seemed to run more, but today I think it thickened up a bit like it usually does. I think it's b/c of the CF, you know...all that lovely thick sticky mucus;) Gotta love it!

He did a decent job wearing his mask today. I would say he wore it about 50% of the day. I tried getting Ayla to wear one too, and to my surprise she loved wearing it!! I guess it made her feel like a big girl;) I just hope she doesn't get sick too from when he wouldn't wear it, by the end of the night, I noticed her sneezing a few times and sniffling...uh oh:0

Lil' Chris ate pretty good today, so I was happy about that!! It was probably b/c I kept telling him that if he was done eating then he would have to put his mask back on.....so he kept eating;-) LOL!! I should do that more often;) LOL

As for an update on Phoenix...his mom wrote(hopefully she doesn't mind me copying this:) "Positive thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are working! Things are looking better for Phenny Man! Think we may of found the right combination of medicines! Go Phenny Go! (And yes I do mean that literally)" All I have to say is...it's about time the dr's got it right, poor kid!! Please keep praying for both our boys!!! We know prayer works wonders!!

I'll keep you posted,


PS. Thank you so much to those who sent Phoenix a card from my last post!! I know it put a smile on his face whether he knew you or not:)


Victoria's Mom said...

Love that he ate a good dinner so he wouldn't have to put the mask back on right away. I'll might have to try that one too! Victoria has gone back to eating very little at dinner time. ;-)

I hope this round clears without antibiotics!

Josh said...

Sorry I missed the post card post. I'll try send one this week.

I hope lil' C feels better sooner than later. Colds suck.