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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Successful CF Fundraiser Tonight!!

We had another GREAT fundraiser tonight for Cystic Fibrosis!!! Thank You CiCi's Pizza for always letting us do fundraisers there!! :)

BIG Thank You to Kohl's for yet ANOTHER $500 grant!! I actually had 6 Kohl's associates help out tonight!!! Thank You....




Thank You Barb and Jill for doing the CREATIVE face painting:)

Thank You to our Awesome neighbor Jeff for coming out and supporting Lil' Chris and Cystic Fibrosis for the 2nd time in a row!! :) Thanks Jeff for explaining to me where you got the name Federal Photo from for your AWESOME professional photography business:) If anyone is looking for a GREAT photographer, click here. You won't regret it!!! :)

Our total was around $750!!! WooHoo!!! Thank You Everyone who came out and donated for a CURE for CF!!

There were 3 different customers tonight that had all been at one of my previous CiCi's CF fundraisers, which was really cool!! One of them was actually the raffle prize winner of the 1 hour free massage at Tips, Toes, & Beyond!! :)

Congrats to Cassy Brown who was the winner of the raffle prize tonight:) Thanks Cassy!!!

My next, and possibly last, fundraiser at CiCi's for this year will be on Wed 8/31 from 5-8pm. The raffle will be a 1 hour massage at Tips, Toes, & Beyond and a Buy One Get One Free Indians ticket. Hope to see you there!!


PS. You can click on any of the underlined words to follow a link to that site:) I highly suggest checking out the Kohl's one;-) LOL

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