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Monday, August 22, 2011

All Excited about 1st day of Preschool!!!

At "Open House" last night...
First pets...3 goldfish:) My kinda pets;-) LOL!!!!...

Ayla likes them too:)...

I can't believe my lil' boy is all grown up...well, not quite, but too close for me;) LOL

Today he starts his first day of preschool at the age of 4! He has been so excited to start and the day has finally arrived!! I'm surprised he got any sleep last night...I sure didn't!! LOL!!! We went to his preschool last night for "Open House" to meet his teachers and the other kids and their parents. He was able to point out his name on the door, the wall in the hallway where is backpack goes, and all over the walls in his classroom for different things:) I was soooo proud of him!!!

After we checked out his room, we went to the playground. My husband and I thoroughly checked everything for bacteria and such, and we found some nasty standing water in the 2 sandboxes. Freaked me out, b/c it was screaming BACTERIA, BACTERIA, BACTERIA!!! My biggest fear!! I told the teacher not to let him go near those, so hopefully he will stay away from them. There was one truck that was kinda gross too, so I asked if they could throw it away and I would donate one to replace it:) LOL!! A CF mom can't be too safe, right?!?!

Lil' Chris also donated a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer;) LOL!! I asked the teacher if all the kids could sanitize every time they enter or leave the classroom, since this seemed to keep down the colds and such in Daniel's(fellow local CFer) preschool room last year. She said there are laws about kids sanitizing and she would look into it. Another mom was standing there when I asked, and she seemed to be against it....DARN!!!!! She was saying that the alcohol seeps into their skin and they like become alcoholics or something...blah, blah, blah.... Oh well, I tried;-)

I just wish I could be there everyday to make sure he is sanitizing after playing with the toys, and to make sure he doesn't go in the sandboxes where Pseudomonas could be lurking, and that he stays away from any sick kids. I won't be able to forgive myself if he catches Pseudomonas, since we didn't HAVE to send him this year. I'm such a worrywart!! LOL!! I've been up since 3:30am worrying about those sandboxes and that one other lil' boy who was coughing at the open house last night. I just have to give all my worries to God and let Him handle it to His Will.

Well, I gotta go wake up Lil' Chris, b/c he has to get dressed, brush his teeth, comb his hair, eat breakfast and do his Vest at the same time hopefully, take all his pills, feed his new fish, get his pills and backpack, and walk over to his school for his very first day at Preschool!! Woo Hoo!!!! I love that it's so close and in walking distance:)

Pray he has a safe and healthy first day and school year!!! I'll post 1st day pics soon, I promise!!


PS. His cough is getting much better and he usually only coughs during his Vest now, so it should be gone soon...well, now that he is starting school, IDk, we'll see. He has a CF clinic appt this Wed and unfortunately will be missing his 2nd day of preschool;(

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daniel's mom said...

A mom actually said that to you about the hand sanitizer - that is ridiculous. I'll check when I take Daniel to Kindergarten tomorrow morning what brand they use. It is a foam not a gel. Not sure if it makes a difference but if it can be used in Daniel's preschool and Kindergarten class, there is not reason it cannot be used in Chris' class. The Kindergarten teacher has the same rule about using the santizer every time you walk in the room, or when you sneeze or cough. Boy I am really frustrated for you right now. I'll get back to you tomorrow.