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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ayla's 1st Visitors Part 2

Here are the pics and videos that I took on the weekend when my in-laws were here. Some of them are similar to the ones my MIL took that I shared in an earlier post:)

Lil' Chris is so loving to his lil' sister, it is sooooo cute. He loves kissing her, so I had to get video of it;)

Some of the other pics are Oma and Opa meeting Ayla for the 1st time, Lil' Chris standing on his bike to look over the gate(or try to open the gate;), Lil' Chris eating potato chips, Ayla playing Uno with us:), Ayla in her swing for the 1st time, Big Brother and Little Sister shirt pics, and I love the last video where Ayla sneezes...too cute=)


PS. Pics of Christi and Dustin's visit to come:)


CFlover said...


Julie said...

Lil Chris is so sweet with his lil sis. Thanks for sharing.

My Three Sons said...

Very cute pictures. I love those videos.

Alma said...

Hi M!

I so badly want to meet your new little addition! She looks so precious!

I am so, so excited about the Walk. can't wait to see you at the meeting.

Take care!

Graciy said...

It is so wonderful that your daughter isn't even a carrier! My husband has 2 brothers and two sisters and out of the 5 two have CF and the rest are carriers. I will be finding out soon hopefull if I am or not.

I don't want to step on anyones toes but I am so happy you decided to have more children after little Chris. My husband is the baby and he has an older brother who also has CF. If his parents stoped after finding out the bad news I would never have my husband.

about the cloth diapers they seem to be working really well. I just am not to fond of the plastic pants. Danalie likes that they breath and I like that she can't take it of in the store.

They do take a bit getting use to and a lot more work but I think it's worth it. She tells me when she pees :) I have been told that after she gets used to running to the potty with a wet diaper that when you start letting them run around naked for a week or so. We haven't gotten that far.

Aunt D. said...

That was great M! My goodness, little Ayla looks so big already! She was holding her head up so well in the videos! What a beautiful baby she is - I can't wait to hold her!! Lil C looks huge now, doesn't he?? =) I'm so excited to come & visit in a couple weeks!

Anonymous said...

I miss them so much already.... You guys too, but you were less receptive to kisses .. lol :-) M you are such an amazing mother, wife, and friend... I can't tell you how much I look up to you for your strength and courage. God blessed you with BEAUTIFUL children and a great family.


Auntie Steph said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! I'm so disappointed that we won't be coming this weekend! I should be packing right now, *sigh*, hopefully next weekend or sometime real soon! I miss you guys so much and can't wait to hold my niece!
Love and hugs, kisses to the kids!