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Friday, February 27, 2009

CF Mom Meeting/Great Strides Meeting

Our CF Mom meeting went great!! We had a lot of fun stuffing our faces with pizza and then getting down to business:) It was me, Erica, Alma, and Daniel's dad.

Erica, the Great Strides Coordinator, did a great job preparing for our meeting. She had a list of things to go over, and we went over each one. Our set date, as I mentioned before, is Saturday June 13th. Check in is at 9:00am and walk is at 10:00am. Our goal is $15,000. We each have teams and are going to try to bring in $1,500-$2,000 each or more. Erica suggested for each of us to get at least one more team to bring in the same amount or more(like a relative or friend to fundraise for our child too). That would bring us close to our goal.

We also talked about some fundraisers. I'm going to get in contact with that pizza place that we were at and set up a date for a "Dough Raiser" night, where a percentage of what they make during certain hours would go towards our walk. We also talked about going to diff stores to do Pin Ups. They got new ones this year(see pic above), no longer the "sneaker" or "roses". We talked about getting in contact with the local newspaper and radio station to advertise the walk too. There was also talk of getting involved with the Chamber of Commerce.

We then talked about door prizes for the day of the walk, food, and entertainment(no face painting;). It's a lot of work starting a walk in your own town! I'm just glad to have such great friends to help out! I know it's all going to be worth it in the end, esp when a CURE is found!!
PS. Thanks Erica for driving so far to come to our meeting, and also for coming so prepared with all the info. You really know your stuff;)

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