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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Header Pic:)

What do you think of our new header pic??? We got them taken the other day. I can't believe how well Ayla did!! We originally were thinking we would do their Easter pics, since we probably won't have time once I go back to work. But the pics turned out soooo cute that we decided to use the right pic as Ayla's birth announcement pic!! I'll be sending those out soon;)

There were a couple more really cute pics that aren't shown, so I'll probably change the header to one of them later.
PS. Please pray for one of our neighbors. Their 3 year old child passed away in an accident this past Sunday. Their car hit a patch of ice or something and flipped off the road. Everyone was fine and standing outside of the car waiting for the police, when another car hit the same patch and skidded and unfortunately hit the child. He would have been 4 years old today. Please keep them in your prayers tonight as I'm sure today was especially hard for them all.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! What did you use to do your header?

The Liberto Family said...

Love the pictures! Chris is a little man and Ayla is so pretty! I love Chris' smile.

That is sad about your neighbor, I'll say a prayer for them.

Jen K. said...

Their pics are so cute! I am glad you have this page that way i can see updated pics/status of your kids!

CFlover said...

I love them!!! 2 cute =)
Shes growing so fast!!

charm said...

Brilliant pics - both are soooo adorable, thanks for sharing. Good luck on your endeavours for your walk. charm

Graciy said...

he looks like such a little man! and you can already tell he is going to be a very protective big brother. i bet he has really good examples:o)

Katey said...

The pictures are too cute...absoultey adorable!!

The Smithson Family said...

Cute pictures! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? When I saw your post the other day about Ayla being 1 month old, I could hardly believe it has already been that long!
That is too sad about your neigbor. They will be in our prayers.

Auntie Steph said...

LOVE the pictures! Absolutely adorable!
Praying for your neighbor...I couldn't imagine!
Love you guys tons!