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Monday, February 23, 2009

CF Mom Meeting & Christi's Jewelry 4 Sale

On my way out to go to our CF Mom / Great Strides meeting. I can't wait to get things rolling:)

I'll update you either when I get back or tomorrow.

Here are some pics of the beautiful clay jewelry that Christi (the most talented art teacher;)has made, sold, and is taking orders for...

The prices are:

Earrings: $5.00
Bracelets: $8.00
Necklaces: $15.00
Remember, it all goes towards a great cause;)

If you would like to buy one or order one with certain colors, please email me at lilcmom@gmail.com

She can make them any size you want, even child sizes;) All proceeds will go towards finding a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis for ALL CFers:)

I know I'll be wearing mine during our Great Strides Walk to show my support...will you????

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CF Mom said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, but from what I read your li'l Chris is doing Great!

Unfortunately, my son Josh, Graciy's husband is not. He's in the hospital. The oral anti-biotics aren't working, just like I told her they probably wouldn't. He's been on Cipro his whole life. It's just a natural evolution that the body over years (for some just a few, but for most many) build up a tolerlance to that antibiotic that they have been using over and over again. So many doctors are starting to do tests to see which bacteria are resistant to which antibiotics. That's why it's best to "mix it up a bit" When they need a 10 day to 2 week stretch on antibiotics try cipro the first time, then the next time they need it, try augmentin, then the next time try Zithromax or Sulfasalazine, etc. you get the idea. You just don't want to give the CFrs body time to build up a resistance. Because when the time comes when they really need it, they wont be able to have it.

Josh got where he is because he was raised during the time when they thought CFrs should be on antibiotics ALL the time as a precaution! Until they then became flooded with so many of them being admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics because their bodies were resistant to everything else oral. Well, that soon changed their way of thinking!

I'm just glad it's so much better for your child. They've come a long way since my children were born. Keep in touch!