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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks for the Birthday Wish:)

Thanks sis for the Happy Birthday Post:)

And thanks everyone else for wishing me a Happy Birthday;)

Right now my husband is making me dinner(and don't tell him I said this, but I saw him sneak in an ice cream cake when he came home from work today;) LOL
Isn't he the best! He even said he's going to stay up with Ayla tonight!! Right Honey???? LOL ;)Thanks again,


Oma & Opa said...

About Chris staying up with Ayla...you never know, stranger things have happened!!! LOL
Lots of love, hugs & kisses to everyone.

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I'm sorry I didn't wish you Happy Birthday yesterday!! I didn't see an update on yours for some reason (my work computer is a little funny with Blogger).


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday again... yesterday was busy, but I thought about you a lot!! At 9:30 I was like "Oh Crap!" I never called!!!! So I'm so sorry I didn't get to actually speak to you on the day! I'll call today though :-) I hope it went well and you are rested today :-)

Love ya!!

~ Christi

Christy said...

I hope dinner was wonderful and your birthday was great!!!! Yay for good hubbies!

CF Mom said...

I have been trying for days to get my reply to post and have had so many problems. I havn't quite figured out what the problem is yet. Anyway, happy belated birthday and I'm so happy to have you as a follower of my blog. Read my most recent entry about Josh's brother Jeremiah. And I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, anytime!

Auntie Steph said...

M & Big C,
I found this website, http://www.littlestheroesproject.org/Littlest_Heroes_Project/Home.html, it is an awesome organization that takes pictures of families with little heroes, for free!!! I put your name in, so someone will probably contact you guys! They come to your house, & will take pics of Lil C alone, with his sister, &/or with you guys!Whatever you prefer! (I hope you don't mind)!
I wanted to share this info with your blog friends who also have little heroes!