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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christi & Dustin's Visit and Valentine's Day

Here are the pics I promised from when my best friend Christi and her husband, Dustin, came to visit, and from Valentine's Day. I can't wait til they have kids too:) I only wish that they lived closer to us:(

Thanks Christi and Dustin for traveling so far to see us:) And thank you guys for the adorable dress and onsies for Ayla and for the fun toy for Lil' Chris:) He hasn't stopped playing with it=) Thanks for wiping it down before you wrapped it too, you always think of everything;)

Thanks for babysitting and "making" us go out to dinner for Valentine's Day...it's been a looooong time;) You guys did such a great job with Lil' Chris and Ayla!! I appreciated the nice break from doing everything too;) You guys are the best!!!

Last but not least, thank you soooooo much Christi and Dustin for doubling Lil' Chris' medical fund and for making all the beautiful jewelry and for selling them for Lil' Chris!! You guys have such big giving hearts, and it shows how much you love Lil' Chris!! We can't thank you enough!!

Come visit again real soon:) We Love You!!!
PS. I'll post pics of the beautiful jewelry later, and Ayla's 3 week pic;)
PSS. Don't you just love the video where Lil' Chris keeps kissing his lil' sis;)


Aunt D. said...

That was so cute!! Looks like you guys had a great visit! I'm so glad you & Chris got out by yourselves for a little while. You'll have to do the same thing when I'm visiting next weekend!! =) Can't wait to see you guys!

Christy said...

Wow what great pictures. The one of Ayla yawning is SO precious. Lil' Chris looks so in love with his Lil' sis.

I think lil Chris liked Ayla's clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much now!!! STILL! I need to see you and those babies more often.... and you were right.... the trip wasn't so bad :-) what's 8 hrs really? :-) We had a great time and you and Chris made us feel so welcome and comfortable in your home. Thank you for that! That was one of my very best valentine's weekends :-)
I love you guys!!!

Aunt Christi :-)

Auntie Steph said...

Love the video of Lil Chris kissing Ayla...too cute! Ayla has the BEST big brother, he's gonna always be there for her and protect her!
So glad you guys had a good visit and a nice kid free evening to yourselves!
Tons of hugs & kisses