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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lil' Chris and Ayla 2/2/09

Here is a video of Lil' Chris and Ayla only 2 days home from the hospital. In the beginning of the video, we were trying to get him to say "One". He says it so cute, but never wants to say it when we want him to:) But you can hear him say "What's that?" about Ayla! And then I finally got him pointing and saying "Baby" to her. He used to say it all the time to my belly when I was pregnant, but never for the camera. Watch how he pushes her away after just a little bit, it's so funny:) LOL

I love his laugh! Sometimes he even has a fake laugh. You can see it in the video when I stop tickling him and he keeps laughing:) LOL

In the darker video(sorry about that), I finally got him on video saying "One!" He says it to make my husband pretend to drop him. He loves that game:) He only wanted to stop b/c he heard Ayla start to cry and had to go check to see if she was ok:)

And finally, I got him giving kisses to Ayla!! He is such a loving lil' boy when it comes to his lil' sis:) He gives her kisses every morning, nap times, and every night. Too cute!!



My Three Sons said...

Oh boy, are you going to have some good times there. I remember bringing home Cody (Coltan and Cody are 11 months apart) and Coltan wasn't sure about Cody either.

Very cute video. I love Chirs gigglies. I could listen to that all day!

CFlover said...

You are the ideal cf mom, caregiver, blogger, awarness lady!!

Thanks for all the comments! Im so glad I blog met you lol. I really look uo to you.

Anonymous said...

Great video! I love Lil' Chris' laugh! Ayla is just beautiful! Take care

Aunt D. said...

That was so cute!! They are both just too adorable! I hope you guys had a fun weekend with Chris' parents!

Courtnie said...

Ayla is so cute :) I love this video.

I am so glad to hear about her test results. We are STILL waiting on the test results of our little girl.

We should be getting our vest soon. Last clinic his RT said that she was going to start working on getting it for him. YAY!

Oma & Opa said...

The header picture looks familiar!lol. I think I will use this one to crop for our Walk 4 Chris shirts this year. Love the video and pics... Missing you all already. It was great being able to come and spend a few days with you guys. M, thanks for letting me get up with Ayla through the night and help take care of Lil Chris while you got some much needed rest. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that time with my grandchildren. Ayla and I had some special talks in those wee hours of the morning.lol
Sorry about the tears...I don't usually do that until we are on our way home but today holding Ayla and not knowing when we will be able to see you all again just got the best of me. Maybe having the camera & mic hooked up will make the distance a little more bearable cause we will get to see as well as talk to Lil Chris & Ayla. Thanks!
Next time we are together, it's on for UNO FLASH!
Have a great time the next few weekends with Christi and then with Steph, Greg and the boys but remember to get some rest too!!!!
Lots of love, hugs & kisses