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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ayla's First time in the Snow:)

I love this pic of him:)
Yesterday we took this kids out in the snow for the first time this year;) It was Ayla's FIRST time in the snow!! YEA!!! She wasn't too sure about it. She barely moved the whole time...although that may have been b/c she was all bundled up;-) LOL "I can't put my arms down!" LOL She went on her first sled ride and her big brother got to pull her:) She almost got to make a snow angel...maybe next time. It's supposed to snow everyday until Sat or Sun. Hopefully we'll get to go out in the snow again tomorrow:)
PS. Still editing the Christmas pics:) Coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Very cute of them both, even tho she wasn't too thrilled!!

Auntie Steph said...

So Cute!!! I love that picture of lil C, too! And the pictures and videos of the kids in the snow was great! I was thinking the same thing as you said, "I can't put my arms down" pretty soon she'll be yelling at Chris to wait up! LOL
I laughed watching him pull her and big Chris fell, then later the sled made lil chris fall...too cute!
The kids will be fun in the snow together in February. I was just watching the videos of a few years ago, when Lincoln was a baby, and the guys were sledding in the backyard. I was cracking up!

Oma & Opa said...

Too cute & too funny. Laughed when Chris fell & when the sled made Lil Chris fall but I really laughed when Lil Chris let go of the sled and Ayla was going by herself. I guess Lil Chris gets that from his dad and aunt. After all they pushed me in a wheel chair with a broken ankle and let it go...
And as far as Feb. goes I hope the snow is all gone when we come out. Sorry Steph.
Can you email this video, I can't download them from the blog.
lots of love to you all