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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Throat Culture Result and New Things

Lil' Chris' throat culture results came in the mail today...drum roll please!!......


YEA!!! I'm sooooo happy!!! I thought he was going to culture something, since he was having that weird cough at the time. Praise the Lord he didn't!!!!

Lil' Chris has been doing great!! No cough or runny nose!! YEA!! He has been doing some new things lately too...

1. He has been sitting at the table like a big boy in his new booster seat.

2. He has been eating more food...PTL!!!!

3. He has been eating his applesauce and whole enzymes all by himself. Usually we would feed it to him, b/c he would just eat the applesauce and leave the enzymes in the bowl. Now he eats both all by himself!! One step closer to him swallowing them whole with water, I hope;)

4. He has been drinking from a cup...without a lid!!! He does a GREAT job with it too!! We probably could have started it a long time ago. I think he learned it from when I let him drink the left over water from the bowl when we do his Prevacid solutab.

5. He can also drink straight from a Danimal Yogurt! I just open it and give it to him!! So easy:)

6. He has started going on the potty when we go out! He tells us "Potty first?" I guess b/c that's what I usually say to him;-) LOL We've been using pull-up when we go out, but lately when we get home they are still dry b/c he asked to go on the potty and actually went! Now we can keep him in his undies when we go out!! YEA!!

7. He has also started going on the potty all by himself! We used to have to go in there with him to help him up on the seat or just to make sure he didn't pee all over when he stood up, but not anymore:)

8. He now sings to his favorite songs on his shows. He does hand motions too;-) I'll try to get it on video;) lol

I can't believe how big my lil' kiddos are getting!!!

Guess what Ayla's been doing??.......

You'll have to wait until her 1 year birthday post;-) LOL You thought I was going to tell you, didn't you??? LOL

Today we were going to get Ayla's one year pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids in Babies R Us, but then found out that all the Kiddie Kandids closed yesterday. The bank closed them all. I was soooo sad;( They used to take the best pics and you would walk away with your pics instead of having to wait 2 weeks or so and then have to go back and pick them up. Oh well, I guess we'll have to find another place now. Any suggestions???

Since we couldn't get her pics done, we went car seat shopping instead. I can't believe she will be one in a couple of weeks!!! We found 2 that we liked. One has the wind up(so you don't have to pull the strap) and one crappy cup holder, and the other one has the strap that you pull to tighten the harness and has 2 built in cup holders. They are both around the same price. Decisions, decisions...good thing we have a couple of weeks to decide;-) Which one do you think we should get?


Kari J said...

You should see if there is a Picture People in your area. They have very basic backgrounds abut always take the best pictures. The best part about it is if you don't like any that come out you don't have to buy them - just come back for another try some other time. You also walk out with your pictures that day as well!!

Are you going to extended rear-face Ayla? If you are then I would go with the one that has the highest rear-facing weights.

I hope this helps and I'm sooo happy that Lil' Chris got a negative throat culture result!! Way to go!!

Oma & Opa said...

Did you get Ayla's birthday card and the check for the car seat yet? Have you made a decision yet on which one? I can't believe she will be 1 already and to think that Lil Chris will be 3 in June.
Give them lots of hugs & kisses for us.
love to you all

Auntie Steph said...

LOVE the new header picture! So cute! I agree with Kari J, Picture People is a good choice! Lil Chris is getting to be such a big boy!!! Can't wait to see/read what Ayla's been up! :)
Love and hugs to everyone...counting down the days till we come out in February!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thanks Kari and Steph! I found a Picture People in our area and plan on going soon to get her pics done:)

Oma, yes we did get your card. Thank you! We haven't quit decided yet on a carseat. It's between 2.

Katey said...

PTL for all of those accomplishments and advancements!! Those kiddos are getting big...and so fast. It seems like Ayla was just born :)

Oh..and I love the header pic with them in the snow!