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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fundraiser's Results & Upcoming Fundraiser's

This past week of fundraisers has been a lot of fun!!

I owe a BIG THANK YOU to:

Heather V.-2 CF children

Tina C.-1 CF child

Adam L.-1 CF child

Thank you guys soooooo much for spreading the word about my Friendly's fundraiser that was in your town. I would have done one in my town, but we don't have a Friendly's in my town anymore, and I like to try new fundraisers:) It was so nice meeting everyone's family:) I think it's great how they all came out and supported CF!

So, this is how it breaks down for my latest fundraisers:

CiCi's Pizza in Wooster:
  1. $75 in tips, donations, and raffle for a basket of Bath and Body Works products(Thanks again Stacy A. and Amy;) BTW, Stacy A. was the one who won the raffle! She told me to keep the raffle prize and use it again next time. Isn't she the sweetest girl EVER!!! Oh yeah, we also had a super nice customer that said she didn't have any money on her, but that she would run to the ATM and come back...well, surprisingly she did!! She made it back right at 8:00pm when we were finishing up! Now how sweet is that?! A complete stranger! Wow, some people amaze me in their generosity!!

  2. $25 in the 10% from the receipts...this is a total guess, since it takes a couple of weeks to get the check, but since it was so slow b/c of the snow, I think it is only going to be around $25.

  3. $500 from Kohl's since I made the fundraiser an A-Team event. Thanks again Aileen, Stacy A., Stacie M., and Barb!!! You guys ROCK!!!

  4. That makes the total $600!!! Not bad. If it wasn't for Kohl's, it would have only been $100.

Friendly's in Canton by the Belden Village Mall:

  1. $210 in donations and for the raffle, which was a signed OSU basketball by the coach Thad Matta, an OSU t-shirt, OSU visor, and OSU flip-flops. I owe a BIG THANK YOU to HELEN from Kohl's who donated the autographed basketball. Thank you so much Helen!!! I was shocked as to how much I raised from the raffle!!

  2. $130 in the percentage from the receipts. This again is a guess, but the manager did tell me that they did around $1200 that night, and since we get 10% for the first $1000 and then 15% for any over that, if I added correctly it should come to around $130. I'll let you know when I find out the true numbers for both events.

  3. That makes the total $340!!! I wish I could have made it an A-Team event from Kohl's, but there was nothing for them to do. They (or maybe it's just this manager) had more rules than CiCi's. I couldn't buss tables for tips, or put my CF Facts papers on the tables, I couldn't walk around to the tables and tell them about CF or the raffle, and I couldn't even hand them papers about CF when they first walked in!! She said that they could pick up the paper if they wanted them. I handed them papers when they first came in anyways;-) LOL! The manager saw me, but didn't say anything. I think she knew I was a little upset about not being about to at least put my papers on the tables. I had told her that I do that at my other fundraisers. I think we still had a GREAT night!! It was even snowing that day and was bitter cold! The news said that it got down to -1 in Wooster that night! YIKES!! I was so happy for all the people that came out and supported CF even in the snow and cold! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO DONATED!! For the raffle tickets, I sold them at $2=1 ticket, $5=4 tickets, and $10=10 tickets. I was surprised as to how many people bought the 10 tickets!! The winner of the raffle bought $30 worth and he was there b/c of Heather spreading the word, so again THANK YOU HEATHER!! I think he said that his wife works with Heather's sister. Luckily Heather's sister was still there and I was able to give it to her to give to Justin's wife to give to him:) It all worked out beautifully:) He was the one who gave the most money, so I was glad when the lil' girl pulled his name:)

Jeans 4 Genes

  1. At Kohl's, my super nice boss let us do Jeans 4 Genes from October to January! Associates paid $3 to wear jeans or $2 to wear sneakers(tennis shoes as they call them around here;) or $5 for both. They got to do this on EVERY Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday for those months. Don't I have the BEST boss and the BEST associates!! I love my job!

  2. Last I checked, we were up to $600!!! I'll find out the true total when I go back to work on Monday. I'll let you know.

All those fundraisers combined equals $1540!! YEA!!

Here is a list of my next fundraisers:

  1. Tumbleweed-Tues Feb 9th all day, but must have coupon

  2. CiCi's Pizza-Thurs Feb 25th 4pm-8pm

  3. Tumbleweed-Tues March 9th all day, but must have coupon

  4. CiCi's Pizza-Thurs March 25th 4pm-8pm

  5. CiCi's Pizza-Thurs April 22nd 4pm-8pm

  6. CiCi's Pizza-Thurs May 27th 4pm-8pm

I wouldn't mind doing another Friendly's one. I'll have to give them a call to set up another one. I have a number to try to get a golf fundraiser going, but I don't know much about golf, nor do I know anyone who plays golf. At our last Great Strides meeting, we talked about doing a spaghetti dinner to raise money. That might be fun:) If anybody has any other great ideas, please let me know:)

All in all it was a GREAT FUNdraiser week;) It wasn't much of a vacation for me though;) I was on vacation from Tues til Sun, but with getting ready for the fundraisers and doing them, it felt like I was working more than maxin and relaxin;-) LOL! I always get super stressed out for my first one, not nerves, just stressed making sure I have all my signs and stuff ready. Oh well, it was worth it for my Lil' Chris and for Jack & Allie, Nick, Kendall, and ALL CFer's!!!!

Which reminds me...please pray for Adam's 8 month old daughter with CF, Kendall. She had a fever of 104 the other day and hasn't been feeling well. Please lift her up in prayer.

I think that's everything for now, I'll let you know if I add any more fundraisers;)


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