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Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 9 of 2009 and Top 10 for 2010!!! Try it:)

Top 9 of 2009 that God has blessed us with...

1. Lil' Chris and another GREAT "HEALTHY" year!!!!

2. The quick and painless birth of my baby girl....Ayla Christi, who was born without Cystic Fibrosis:) YEA!!

3. The love from all my bloggy buddies the whole year through;) Thank you guys;-)

4. Lil' Chris getting potty trained(at least during the day;) and NO MORE BINKY!! YEA!!

5. Our wonderful house and cars with no breakdowns or accidents:)

6. Our jobs and our health.

7. All the fun things we got to do this year...Cedar Point twice, Geauga Lake, NJ Boardwalk, Maine, Camping, and of course Kalahari:) Lil' Chris loved every bit of them all;-)

8. Reconnecting with family and friends on Facebook:)

9. Raised $4,440 to help find a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis for my son and all CFers!

Top 10 for 2010 that I'd like to achieve...

1. Another "healthy" year for Lil' Chris with no nebulizers again.

2. No hospital stays or emergency visits.

3. Lil' Chris to swallow him enzymes all by himself without applesauce.

4. Lil' Chris to get potty trained at nap time and night time.
5. Lil' Chris to start using his big boy bed.

6. Ayla to get potty trained too;-) That would be nice...NO More Diapers EVER!!! :)

7. All of us to stay as healthy as possible.

8. For my husband or I to move up in our jobs or find better paying ones:)

9. To raise $5,000 or more for a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis!!!

10. And of course.......Go to DISNEY WORLD!!! YEA!!!

I think you should do the same that I did above! Give it a whirl! Then at the end of 2010 you can look back and see what you DID get accomplished from your list of "things to achieve";-) Have Fun:)
I hope everyone has a Happy, Safe, and HEALTHY 2010!!!
PS. Christmas pics are still being edited...coming soon;)

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Oma & Opa said...

1.Ayla's birth
2.celebrating Lil Chris' healthy 2nd year
3.celebrating Lincoln's healthy 3rd year
4.celebrating Nathan's healthy 4th year (can you believe he will start Kindegarten in September 2010)
5.celebrating Tyler's healthy 10 year (yea, those pre-teen years)
6.celebrating another year with my children & their spouses
7.another year with my mom
8.Ricky being discharged from the hospital right after Christmas
9.good times spent with family camping, Cedar Point, Disney & at homes
10.my husband having a job

For 2010 by the grace of God
1.no deaths in our family or close friends
2.continued health for all my family
3.successful surgeries for Stephanie with quick recoveries
4.more good times spent with family where ever
5.another year with my mom
6.my husband continues to have a job

For me to achieve
1.closer walk with Jesus Christ