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Sunday, April 19, 2009

CiCi Fundraiser and New Tractor

Here are a couple of pics of Lil' Chris riding his new tractor. He LOVES it! It was a coincidence that he had this shirt on today when we bought the tractor! Honest! Thanks Greg for the T-shirt! I know I said I would never put it on him, but it is so cute I couldn't resist. JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, WHAT THE SHIRT SAYS IS NOT TRUE!! Lil' Chris would never trade his sister for a tractor!

Sorry I haven't posted the Easter pics yet. For some reason the video's would not upload. I will have to try again. I've been busy this week though, b/c we have another CiCi's Pizza fundraiser for CF tonight from 5pm-8pm. If you are in town, come on over and visit us! It's a lot of fun! We are going to be raffling off 3 club seat Indians tickets again! Plus 10% of your receipt will go towards a cure! I have 5 Kohl's associates coming, so that means Kohl's will grant $500 for a cure! Gotta love Kohl's!!
Pray that we have a good night and raise lots of money to find a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis!
PS. We have been trying to fatten up Lil' Chris b/c we have our CF Clinic appt. this Wednesday. Please pray we get a good report!


Aspiemom said...

I bet he loves his little tractor! Cute pictures!

CFlover said...

I love the tractor and shirt!!
Its 2 cute..but ever more cute that he really would not trade her...give him a few years lol ;)

My Three Sons said...

Carson has a couple tractor shirts but not one to trade his brothers. That is very cute. I love the pictures on your header. They are so precious.

Oma & Opa said...

Love the pics. Hope your CiCi's fundraiser is going good. Let me know how you guys make out. Give my grandbabies lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Hey! You know I love the pics! I hope everything goes great tonight at your fundraiser!! Can't wait to hear the details! Danielle