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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vest Question Update

I got an update about one of the questions I had asked at our last clinic visit...click here to read our last clinic apt. post.

I had asked the physical therapist a question about programming the Vest:

Q: We have to change the frequency from 12-14 after 10 min. on his Vest...is there a way to program it, so we don't have to change it?
A: The physical therapist said she was going to check on it and get back to me. ****UPDATE:****The physical therapist called my husband today and walked him through programming it. I thought there was a way and here all this time....anyways....if you have the Hill Rom Vest, all you have to do is hit:
  1. "Options"
  2. "New Program"
  3. set first speed settings
  4. press "On"
  5. set second speed settings
  6. press "On"
  7. then if you don't have a third level, then change the minutes to zero
  8. then press "On"
  9. then you have to press "On" twice and actually start the therapy to set the program(but then you can turn it off:)

Then when you go to use it, instead of pressing "Normal", press "Options", then press "Program" then "On" twice like usual to start it. It sounds hard, but actually is really simple. If you need help, I can walk you through it:) Let me know.

I hope this helps. Hey Kellee, I know you were asking about it, so if you need help just let me know;-)


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