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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just found out from CiCi's that we raised another $52.00 in the 10% of the receipt totals. It was kind of a slow night that night, but I thought we would have done more though, b/c we were telling every customer to put their receipts in the jar. Oh well. $52 is better than nothing. We did get the grant for $500 from Kohl's though. So that's great news!! Our total from that night now is $784.00!!! Not bad. We have another CiCi fundraiser on Thurs. May 28th from 5pm-8pm and I hear that Thursday nights are busier than Sunday nights at CiCi's. Let's pray we raise a lot more money to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!!!

When I had called CiCi's to find out how much we had raised, I also asked the manager about doing pin-ups there. He gave me the number to their marketing manager to see if we can do it in all 11 of their stores in this area! I left her a message, hopefully she will call back soon and hopefully she will say YES to all 11 stores!! Wouldn't that be GREAT!?! I can't wait to hear from her!

Here is the fundraiser my husband is doing at his work...

For a $5.00 donation, you get your name on a pin-up that he puts up on the wall to show your support, also you get entered into a drawing to win a Blackberry Pearl cell phone for AT&T. It was a great idea! He is doing really well! He has raised over $100.00 and it hasn't even been a week I think! Kevin, a guy that works for him, is doing a great job promoting it! He raised $30 with this sign my husband made for him to use at a yard sale Kevin's town was having...

Plus Kevin has gone to stores around their store to get them involved as well!! GREAT JOB, KEVIN!!! YOU GET THE "GREAT PROMOTING" AWARD!!

If anyone is interested in donating $5.00 to win a FREE BLACKBERRY PEARL cell phone...click here to donated and your name will go into the drawing.

Here are 2 raffle ticket flyers my hubby made for our CiCi's fundraiser...

I'm not sure which one we are going to use yet. He does a GREAT JOB on doing flyer's, doesn't he?? HONEY, YOU GET THE "GREAT FLYER'S" AWARD!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with next;-)


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