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Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3 & New Blog Idea

Ok, so I just got done running my 5 minutes. I know 8pm at night, well what can I say...that's what happens when you have a full time job and have 2 kids! But I've challenged myself to not let anything get in my way!!

Today I challenged myself to up the speed from 4 to 4.5! Ya know, it really wasn't all that bad! So now I know I can do it. From now on that is where I will start!

Now, I challenge you to up your speed .5!!! You can do it!!!

I was playing with Lil' Chris on the floor and he somehow ended up laying across my stomach, so I thought...Hmmm this is a good opportunity to get some exercise and incorporate the kids! So as he was laying there, I started doing crunches! It's a little bit harder with extra weight on your belly, but I was up for Lil' Chris' challenge;) I did 30 crunches!! He had a blast and was giggling the whole time! Ayla just sat in her bouncy seat and watched us the whole time. It was so much fun!I challenge you to do the same! If you don't have any kids around, then put something heavy on your stomach or get someone else involved by having them step on your stomach(ok, not step, but put a little pressure on your stomach) You'll feel that you move the person or object up and down as you crunch. It's an awesome feeling of accomplishment;-)

Thanks everyone who is joining me on this mission to lose weight in 3 months! I love all the responses I got. Thanks for all the great diet ideas too!! I'll be sharing those with everyone on my new blog....Yup that's right....I'm starting a new blog called "The Challenge Diet" .Where everyone who wants to join me can be an "author" if they want and post how they challenged themselves and what they challenge everyone else to do!! I think it is going to be a lot of fun! Let me know if you think this is a good idea or not, and tell me if you are interested in being an author.

So far here is the list of who wants to join "The Challenge Diet"...

1. My sister, D
2. My mother-in-law
3. My father-in-law
4. Christi, my best friend
5. DeAnn from The Smithson Family
6. Graciy from CF Wife
7. Chris, The Best Husband In the World

Thanks guys for all your support.


Somer Love said...

Ha hA Thats funny I do crunches with Lilly or Oscar on my belly too :)

Christy said...

What an awesome idea for exercise AND Lil' Chris time. :)