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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Join Me!!!

So I've started my diet. It actually started on April 1st. I have to lose all this baby weight and get back into shape(or whatever I was before having 2 kids pretty much back to back;) in 3 months. My 10 year high school reunion is on June 27th. I don't really want to be the "Wow, she gained a lot of weight since high school" girl.

So my goal is to run on my treadmill for 5 minutes EVERY day. I know, I know, 5 minutes isn't going to do anything! Here is the kicker though...if I miss a day, I have to run 10 minutes non-stop, if I miss 2 days, then I have to run 15 minutes non-stop. This is what makes me work out every day, b/c 10 and 15 is too long for me not to stop in between, so I end up killing myself doing it. Which this again makes me run EVERY DAY! I did this once before and ended up losing 10 pounds in a month! CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY! At least that's what my dad always taught me.

So far, after day one of running, I lost 1 pound!! YEA!!! So today(day 2) I upped it a little bit and did 50 crunches, and 30 leg lifts. I've also been trying to eat more healthy foods and take less proportions...in other words, I stopped stuffing my face until I was full. I still feel hungry after eating light, but that wore off pretty quick and then I didn't even notice it anymore! I though, I can do this!!

I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in my pursuit of slimming down??? We all know that exercise isn't only good for CFers, it's good for ALL of us!! Let's get healthy so we can stick around longer for our CFers! They need us! Let's show them that we can do it too, and they are not alone!! Plus, we need to get into shape for our Great Strides Walk don't we;-)

So I'm challenging you, join me!! I'll challenge you and you can challenge me! I need the help too!

Can't wait to see all of our results;)
PS. Let me know of any questions you might have. I will answer them this weekend.


The Smithson Family said...

I just started Weight Watchers last week. I have to get this weight off! I'll join you.

Graciy said...

I don't need to lose weight but I REALLY need to gain muscle tone before I go to basic training so I'm in!

Christy said...

Good luck!!! It sounds like you have a plan for sure. Portion control is the number one thing regarding dieting I think. A good tip I learned is when you go out to eat, ask for a box at the beginning of the meal and go ahead and put half of your meal in there to take home. That way you won't be tempted to eat it all. :)

I also found that doing 5 pushups and 10 lunges (per leg) a day will tone you up in about a month. You are going to look great for your reunion!!!

Oma & Opa said...

I'm in as long as my back and knee hold up. LOL I can't do the running on the treadmill but I can walk! Thanks for the challange.
Explain the 65 roses, please.
Lots of love, hugs & kisses to you all,

Oma & Opa said...

Dad says he's in.

Somer Love said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog I do have a follower section its after all my pics on the right hand side!

Chris sure is adorable!! Love that smile!

And what a beautiful lil princess Ayla is!

Anonymous said...

Ok... I'm in!!! I'm on weight watchers, but I've been slackin... I need to lose 10 lbs before our reunion :-) I WILL do it too!! Motivation is good!! I find that if I try on a summer outfit once a day I'm less likely to stuff my face at dinner :-) Try it!! lol

Good luck! We can help eachother!!!