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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu and Cystic Fibrosis

First bike ride of the year!!! He had a BLAST!!
Ayla is just too cute with those raised eyebrows;-) She has a doctor's appt. today at 1:30. It's going to break my heart to see her get her shots;-( I'm going to ask the pediatrician if they will do Pin-ups or something for CF. Hopefully they will.

Thanks to a new CF mom I met on Facebook, I was directed to this site that talks about the Swine Flu and CF....http://www.cff.org/LivingWithCF/StayingHealthy/Germs/SwineFlu/

I think it's great that the CFF is keeping up on this. I heard about it on TV the last couple of days, and then when I went to work yesterday....that was all everyone was talking about! We had a truck of merchandise come in and we were told to make sure we wash our hands if we handle any of the plastic or boxes that come off that truck. Some of the merchandise comes from Mexico or something. So what did I do??? Tried to stay clear and I clipped my handy dandy hand sanitizer to my pocket! ;-) I think I may do this everyday! Everyone where I work knows how important it is for me not to get sick so I don't bring anything home to Lil' Chris. It is much appreciated!
Check out the article, and I will keep you updated if I hear anything new,


ssbean said...

Thanks for posting the link, I'm going to have to check it out. I'm on the verge of being a basket case with this swine flu. I don't have a spleen, so I catch everything that comes around me, then with a newborn with CF, I'm very fearful of it.

Christy said...

Yeah CF and flu definitely don't mix well. I'm just praying that it goes away as quickly as it came.