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Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from the Pediatricians/No more Fever! Yea!

He fell asleep on the couch watching TV. We unfortunately had to wake him up to take him to the dr.s :(

We are back from the Pediatrician and Lil' Chris is doing better, but still not himself:(

The dr. said to stop the Augmentin, b/c she wants to check a stool sample for C-diff. Apparently you can get C-diff from antibiotics. Even though he has taken Augmentin many times before, she said it can happen at any time. I'm not exactly sure what C-diff is, so I may have to do some research on it. Does anyone have any experience with C-diff? The dr. said that if he does have it, then he will be more likely to catch it more often when he is on antibiotics. Our reaction..."Oh great! He is always on antibiotics!" Ughhhhh

She said his weight was 28 lbs and in the 50th percentile. According to her charts, his weight looks fine, not the best, but ok. They did not check his height. The nurse said his temperature was gone, so that was a relief!! After the Tylenol, the cat nap, and the 40 minute wait in the waiting room, he felt much cooler! THANK GOD!! Don't worry, Lil' Chris didn't wait in the waiting room, just Ayla and I. Chris was keeping him occupied out in the hallway so he wouldn't catch anymore germs. We always do that whether at the CF clinic or the Pediatricians :)

She said to give him plenty of fluids until we get the results back which will most likely be the beginning of next week unfortunately. I hope the clinic doesn't get mad that we stopped the Augmentin. Our CF dr. wanted him to keep taking it. I tried calling them when I got home, but it was too late and they were closed.
Hopefully he doesn't have anything serious. I'll let you know the results when I get them. Please say a prayer that he will start eating and drinking and get his energy back.
PS. We got his throat culture results back...he cultured Staphylococcus areus sensitive to Oxycillin (MSSA). He has grown this bacteria before and it requires no changes to his treatment.


Katey said...

Glad he is feeling some better and the fever is gone!

If he does have C-diff: (i've never had it but know others who have) the diarhhea could be from that. I know it can cause stomach upset/diarrhea. Not saying it is, and hopefully it was just a bad batch. But just a thought!

It's my understanding that you can get C-diff from being on too many antibiotics? But I'm not completely sure!

Praying for a complete recovery for lil Chris!!

Kellee said...

Awe =( Im sorry hes feeling bad!!

You guys will be in my prayers.
Sorry to say Michael nor myself know a thing about C-Diff???
but we will for sure say special prayers =)