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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool Link About CF and How do I count Calories for Lil' Chris?

Here is a cool link that my good friend Carmen's mom sent me...www.sacfa.org.za

If you are a CF mom or even a CFer, you should check it out. If you click on the "CF Kids" it's pretty cool how they animate and explain CF and enzymes and just everything about CF! You could even watch it with your CF child and they would probably love it just like Lil' Chris did:) It's a lot of fun!

As for an update on Carmen, she is doing well CF wise, but she just got 2 wisdom teeth pulled. OUCH!! She is also doing a CF clinical trial still, which I admire her for:) I pray she continues to do well. I'll keep you updated.

I've been meaning to write Susanna for an update on her 2 girls who have CF, so I will let you know when I find out. Hopefully all is well with them.

To update you on Lil' Chris, he is doing better, his cold is all gone. He still coughs sometimes, but it's not the wet cough anymore so that's GREAT news!! I guess the Augmentin is really kicking in:) He still is not eating as much though and is having some really smelly diapers...if ya know what I mean;-) I keep thinking that maybe we forgot to give him his enzymes one time or something, but we don't think we did! Weird. Maybe it's just the Augmentin finally hitting him..IDK.

So we tried the rest of the supplement drinks that Alma gave us and he still would not drink any of them!!! So frustrating when I know his body needs the extra calories and nutrients!! So what did we do today???? We went food shopping and spent tons of money and time searching for anything with tons of calories for him that we think he might eat! Well, we hope anyways. If not, momma's gonna gain back the 27 lbs she lost!! Nobody wants that, esp me!! ;-)

I'm not really sure if I'm reading the labels right for what's good for CF, I've never really had to look at labels before except to see if it had milk in it or not b/c I'm lactose intolerant. So this is what I look at and if I'm wrong, someone PLEASE let me know! We all know that food is so important for CF!...

  1. Cheese crackers with Peanut Butter: Serving Size=1 package(6 crackers), Calories=190 I just noticed now that I am looking at them all, that they all say Calories from Fat. What does this mean? Is this what I should be looking at? Or do I just look at the Calories per serving?? I think this should be something that the CF clinic should teach new CF parents! Luckily I have you all to help me;-) So this one says...Calories from Fat=90.

  2. Mini Oreo's: Serving Size=9 cookies, Calories=130, Cal from Fat=50.

  3. Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix: Serving Size=1/20 pkg, Cal=Mix is 100 and Prepared is 170. Cal from Fat=Mix is 5 and Prepared is 80. What does Mix mean? I feel so stupid now;-)

  4. Chocolate Icing to add extra calories to the fudge brownies above: Serving Size=2 tbsp, Cal=140, Cal from Fat=50.

  5. Jell0 Oreo Cookies 'n Cream instant pudding mix: Serving Size=1/4 pkg, Cal=120, Cal from Fat=10.

  6. Reese's Peanut Butter Chips(I'm getting desperate here, I don't intend to bake them into anything. I'm just going to see if he'll eat the chips alone for extra calories;) : Serving Size=1 tbsp, Cal=80, Cal from Fat=35.

  7. York Peppermint Pattie: Serving Size=1 piece(it's a big one), Cal=140, Cal from Fat=25.
  8. Peanut M&M's: Serving Size=1 pack, Cal=250, Cal from Fat=120.
  9. Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix: Serving Size=1/4 pkg, Cal=Mix is 110 and with 2% milk reduced fat is 170, Cal from Fat=Mix is zero and with 2% milk reduced fat is 25. Again, not sure. If I use whole milk the Calories will increase right??
  10. Heavy Whipping Cream(thanks Alma for the suggestion and where to find it in Wal-Mart;) : Serving Size=1 tbsp, Cal=50, Cal from Fat=50.

Hopefully someone can explain the right way how to read the labels for me that will benefit Lil' Chris. It will save me time and money probably...hopefully;)

Ok, now that I just took a pic of it all, I realize that this is all junk food!! What kind of mom am I? lol I got tons of other stuff too to try. He's so picky though! We'll see if he eats any of it.

So which one of the above do you think is the best for Lil' Chris and why??


PS. Lil' Chris' latest song that he likes to sing is "We Will, We Will Rock You!!" It's from one of his cousin's toys that he played with weeks ago! What a memory, huh? lol

****UPDATE: I just gave a lil' cup full of the Reeses's Peanut Butter Chips to Lil' Chris and he "drank" them out of the cup and then said "Mmm good!" YEA!!! But... then he wouldn't eat anymore:( Hey, maybe I'll add some to the brownies;-) lol He seems to be liking the mini oreo's, he keeps asking for more of them:) He ate one Cheese and Peanut Butter cracker and then asked for more mini oreo's. lol He took a little taste of the York and then wouldn't touch the rest. lol I'll let you know how the rest goes:)


RunSickboyRun.com said...

My mom would always buy Reese Peanut Butter Cups in bulk and I would eat those for snacks. High in fat and protein, both good for us CFers.

You can also check out CFVoice.com. They have some good stuff on CF diets if I remember correctly.


Katey said...

With regards to the Brownie Fudge Mix..."mix" just means that is the amount of calories just in the mix. Once you add the milk (if it requires some), eggs, etc., that will ADD more calories and fat to the total!

And yes, with regards to the pudding, if you use whole milk, that will increase the calories and fat. Anytime you use a mix (even cereal), using whole milk and sometimes even 2%, depending on what the box says, will add extra fat and calories to it!

As far as which food is the best...idk? They are all good sources of fat and calories! Of course all of us CFers eat more "junk food" because it contains the most fat and calories. But I would try to get him to eat more of the crackers, and not Chocolate or oreos all the time. But hey, whatever works, go for it =) We do need a little nutrition =)

I'm not totally sure what Calories from Fat means, and no-one has ever explained that too me. However, you also need to be looking at FAT GRAMS (just total fat grams, not the "subdivisions" of fat grams). Fat grams are JUST as important for lil Chris (CFers) as the amount of calories!

My mom used to have to bribe me to eat food. I kept a little notepad/journal one time with the amount of calories and fat I had for the day. And if I met the required amount, then I would get a "prize" over time! I know lil Chris is kind of young to do that...but just a thought if he is still having trouble when he gets older!

The more you "make" him eat now, the better disciplined he will be at it when he gets older. If you let it "slide" or let him get away with not eating (all the time)...it's not a good outcome later in life (not saying you do, just giving you some of my experiences, because I HATED to eat.) He will make himself eat when he is own his own if he does more of that now!

I hope some of these foods work and you can find a supplement drink that works. Have you tried the Carnation or the Scandishake and mix the scandishake with ice cream (just dilute the actual mix some though because it's really rich)

Anonymous said...

We have weight issues with Phoenix's brother Ryker. We've found that 8oz of V8 splash is a full serving of fruits and vegetables, and it tastes great! You can get it in several different flavors. Also carnation instant breakfast, he loves it! You can even warm it up a little and it tastes like a warm hot chocolate. (Ryker hates the pediasure and stuff like that)

Graciy said...

I count cals all day longs! Welcome to the club candy lady!!! Joshua's CF Docs say Cals from Fat are what your looking for. since Cfers have such a hard time taking in those fatty cals on there own. It's good to look at the whole label like your doing now because some things are healthier then others. Anything with peanuts though are pretty much golden!

When Josh is in a funk and won't eat I sprink Scandical in his food. It's a powder made by the same people that make ultrase enzymes. Josh can nevr tast it even though he knows it's there. You should try it =0)

Auntie Steph said...

Hahaha...I had to laugh when you said (I don't intend to bake them into anything.) refering to the Reese's chips! LOL
The carnation instant breakfast mix has a recipe on there to add banana and make a banana milkshake...adds calories and it's healthy!
I hope you guys find something that helps. I know how frustrating it is with a non CF'er who doesn't want to eat, but it is so much more important for Lil Chris to get the calories into him!
Love you guys!
Hugs and kisses to lil Chris and Ayla!

Zoe Isabella said...

Hi! I'm soooo glad Chris's cold is gone! Yeah! :)
As far as counting 'calories'...we were taught by Zoe's nutritionist to do it this way: we read just the total fat grams. If she has 2 snack cakes that have a total fat grams of say 12, then she would have to take 2 Creon 10's. One Creon 10 covers 6 grams of fat. It really is the easiest, quickest way to figure out their enzymes. Obviously the more fat, calories, etc....the better! :) Zoe loves sweets, so I have to watch her on getting too much sweet stuff, so we go back and forth with her snacks, sweet and not sweet. A few really good sources of good fats are black/green olives, avocados, cheese sticks, nuts.
Good luck with the drinks....Zoe won't touch any of them either. :(
Take care,

Susanna said...

Dear M, I just wrote you the LONGGGGEST Comment!!:) But it was way too long, and they wouldn't let me send it. So I copied it over to a document and it was over a Whole Page LONG!! So, I'm going to try to email it to you. I hope you'll copy it over and post it to let people know how we're doing, and see if anyone has suggestions/comments about some stuff I mention. I enjoy checking up on your blog every chance I get. Look for my email soon:) Susanna

CiCi said...

Calories & fat calories

Calories list the total number of calories in a serving.

Fat calories are the number of calories in a serving that come from fat.

So the crackers have 90/190 calories from fat. That's almost 50% of the calories in the serving from fat. The other 100 calories are likely from carbohydrates. And there's probably some salt in there too - perfect for CFers.

{{For us non-CFers, we're not *supposed* to eat anything that gets more than 30% of it's calories from fat}}

Good luck.
Mom of a 21-month-old CFer.