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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quick Fever Update

He took a very long nap this afternoon and when he woke up he felt much better! His fever FINALLY broke!! His temp was 98.2! YEA!! He still did not want to eat much, but he DID want to drink his milk though:) He was very cranky, but I was able to get him to do his Vest tonight:) YEA! We stopped the Augmentin, but he is still having those foul smelling diapers:( It'll probably take a couple of days. I know that one of the symptoms of CF is foul smelling diapers, but until now Lil' Chris never had that! Weird!

I'll keep you posted,

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CFMama said...

Praise God, glad his fever broke. Hate those CF diapers!

...and email me that code so I could help you out with 3 columns. If you want. It would seriously take less than a half hour. {smile}