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Saturday, July 25, 2009

No C-diff!!! YEA!!!

HOORAY!! Lil' Chris does NOT have C-diff!!! We still aren't sure what's causing this fever that he STILL has though;( We will get the rest of the test results on Monday hopefully. I'll let you know when I find out. Hopefully it's nothing else that could be serious, and hopefully this fever goes away real soon!

He had a fever all through the night and still has it. It was 100, so it has come down some. We are still giving him Tylenol. He DID eat a little bit this morning, so that's a good sign:) He is drinking, so we are not too worried about dehydration at this point. I'll keep you updated. Do you think it's wrong that we aren't doing his Vest? It's not a respiratory problem where he NEEDS the Vest, so I think it's ok for now until we find out what's going on or until I think he can handle it.

Thank you to Mary for reminding me where I have heard of C-diff before:) Now I remember Alma telling us what a hard time Jack had with it TWICE and how he was hospitalized for a while! I'm so glad now that Lil' Chris' test came back negative and he doesn't have C-diff. Huge relief! But now I worry it might me something else, like what? IDK. I don't think he could have picked up a virus anywhere! We didn't take him anywhere except outside to play in our yard!! I just pray that whatever it is, it's not bad and he can recover from it quickly.

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