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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fever of 102.2!!!

Please pray for Lil' Chris. He woke up this morning with a 102.2 fever. His whole body is just burning up! He drank a little bit of water, but won't drink anymore. He is real sleepy and not wanting to play or anything. He just wants watch TV or be held. Poor lil' guy, I feel so bad for him. First all these nasty foul smelling diapers multiple times a day, then a diaper rash, and now a fever!! We still think that it is the refill that we got for his Augmentin. It must have been a bad batch like Katey said. I guess this sometimes happen, unfortunately:( Stupid Drug Mart! I don't think we will be going back there if that really is the reason for all of this!!!

I called the CF clinic immediately and asked to speak to a CF nurse. They put me through to voicemail, so I called back and said "Can you please have a CF nurse paged!" Then she knew that I was serious and got someone for me to talk to:) I talked to the nurse and then she called me back after talking to our dr. He said to go to our Pediatrician to see if he picked up a virus or something, but to still continue the Augmentin. I said "Are you sure?" She said that's what he said, so I called our Pediatrician and made an appointment for 2:30. She said if it gets worse before then to go to the ER.

Thankfully my wonderful hubby came home from work early so we could take him to the dr.'s and also to pick up some Tylenol since ours was expired. This is only his second fever and the first one was a reaction to a shot he got when he was just a month old. Hopefully the Tylenol works. Charmaine suggested sponging him down with tempid water too, so I may try that too. Thanks Charmaine for always being there for me right when I need you the most;-)


Katey said...

I'm praying that his fever goes away and it's nothing serious!!!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

You've got my prayers...To follow up on Charmaine's pint: my mom would soak a washcloth in water and whip it around in the air to cool it down and then place it on my forehead. It always gave me such relief!