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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colds & Clinic Visit Tomorrow & Fire Trucks ;(

Guess what???? Lil' Chris AND Ayla are sick :( Poor things :(

We got back from our vaca to NJ on Wed, and Ayla's nose started running on Fri. I tried to keep her away from Lil' Chris as much as possible, but you know how that goes. We left them alone one time together in the living room while we got dressed to go out on Sunday, and next thing we knew...Lil' Chris' nose was running! Can it really happen that fast?!? So now Ayla is doing better, but Lil' Chris' nose has been running since Sunday. Of course we would have to have our ANNUAL CF clinic appointment TOMORROW!!! Maybe it's a good thing, but maybe it's bad b/c he does not want to eat as much right now. So I'm just waiting to hear the bad news that his weight fell below the 50th percentile:( I pray we get good news and that his BMI is good too. I'll let you know how it goes. We are expecting a 2-3 hour visit. That's how long the annual visits are, b/c you have to see EVERYBODY!! Let's see if I can name them all...the CF doctor, the social worker, the dietitian, the nurses, the physical therapist, and the lady who goes over the family tree(I forget her title;). The last time we were there, they told me that they were working on shortening the visit times, so I guess we will see tomorrow.

For now, I am busy filling out all the papers for the renewal of our secondary insurance for Lil' Chris. Our state has what's called BCMH(Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps). It basically pays for all CF related things. I thank God for this, b/c with out it we would probably be living in a cardboard box!! Every year we have to reapply to see if we qualify for another year. This year, I have no doubt that we will qualify again. It's been a rough year for us. I pray things turn around for us real soon. There are soooo many things I want to do with Lil' Chris and I want him to see and explore while he is still really healthy. I don't want him to miss out on anything just b/c we can't afford to do certain fun stuff. I can just picture myself in the future sitting by his hospital bed holding his hand wishing that I would've listen to my Dad, finished college, got a good paying job so that Lil' Chris could've done what ever he wanted while he was capable. I guess that's the hard part about this horrible disease...you just never know the future...you don't know when it's going to hit or how hard it's going to hit...or how long you have before the inevitable.

Well, the fire truck just left....a few minutes ago, Lil' Chris was standing up in his crib and put his knee through the spindles and got it stuck. I heard him crying while I was typing this post and it was not his usually "Come get me, Mommy" cry. So I ran up there and saw it and I tried to get it out, but it wasn't budging. So I tried some soap, b/c that's what I used to use to get my rings off before I lost all this weight. Well, that didn't work. Then I tried some butter. That didn't work either. My next option since my hubby wasn't home was to call the fire department. I tried one more time to get it out before I called them and as I was trying he said "STOP!" I've never heard him say that word before, so I new it was hurting him and that I HAD to call 911. A few minutes later, 3 nice men came and got it out. At first they couldn't get it either, but then they had 2 of them pull the bars and one push his leg through. IT WORKED!! HE WAS FINALLY FREE!! He was a very brave lil' boy:) Here are some pics of our lil' morning adventure...

Wish us luck on our CF clinic visit tomorrow. He still has that lingering cough, so he'll probably be put on an antibiotic. I just pray that his lungs are still clear and his weight is still good.
PS. I'm still uploading the million pics we took on vaca and 4th of July...coming soon:) For now, you can check out the pics I posted in my last post if you haven't already:)


ssbean said...

Aw, so pitiful getting his knee stuck. Poor thing. I hope the appointment goes well. And I hope he regains his appetite and gets well fast.

Auntie Steph said...

Awww, I was just talkin to Chris and he told me about Lil Chris getting his knee stuck! Poor guy!
Hopefully you will have good reports tomorrow as well as a shortened visit!
Love and hugs to all,

Zoe Isabella said...

Oh, what a day!! :(
I'm glad they were able to get his knee out without cutting the crib. I hope and pray that his cold goes away quickly and that he still has a good bmi!!!

Take care,

Groettum Family said...

I hate those long CF clinic visits! At least if he caught something from his little sis they will catch it and get him on meds before it turns into anything bad. Good luck tomorrow and I'll be thinking about you!

When I was little I got stuck in my crib too, which also resulted in a visit from the fire department. I think its a right of passage :)

Deb Wall said...

Looks like you have had a full day!!! I am glad lil chris is ok i hope and pray that everything will go your way tomorrow.... I really miss the kids. Good luck at the doctors.....

Love in Christ

Leslie said...

That is crazy about Lil Chris' leg! Glad they were able to get it out okay. I'll pray that your clinic visit goes well tomorrow and that you get good reports!!

charm said...

well kids do do the darndest things dont they lol....many more little mishaps to come M, thank goodness your fire department responds so quickly. Hope all goes well at clinic and that there is not too much or should I say nothing for you to stress about - besides the norm...good luck and make the best of the day....charm xxxxxxxxx

Lovin Lane said...

We will be praying for you to have a good visit with good news.... and a speedy visit!!!

Barb said...

Wow, what a crazy day you guys had! Isn't our fire department the best? We are blessed to have them.

Don't fret about the college degree. It isn't necessarily the answer. There are no guarantees, even with the degree. There are so many wonderful things you can do with and for lil'Chris and Ayla that cost little or nothing. You guys will be fine, even though it seems overwhelming at times.