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Thursday, July 16, 2009

CF Update/Father's Day Pics/4th of July Pics

I owe a BIG THANK YOU to Alma(Jack's mom)!! She dropped off a bunch of supplement drinks for Lil' Chris to try. So far no luck unfortunately:( We tried the chocolate one and the creamy strawberry one. He drank a little bit of the chocolate one, but only one sip of the strawberry one. I was hoping he would like one of them. We still have a couple more to try so I'll let you know the outcome.

Here are some pics I've been meaning to post. This one if of Chris & Greg's Father's Day!! We were fortunate enough to have Chris' sister and husband(Greg) and family join us on Father's Day:)

This one is of our first 4th of July as a family of 4;-) We went to our church parking lot to watch them. They had some cool stuff going on. Unfortunately Ayla wasn't feeling her best. This was right when she first got her cold. We were actually debating on going or not. We didn't want Lil' Chris to miss it so I stayed in the car with Ayla until it was fireworks time:) We had a BLAST!! Even Ayla liked watching them once she woke up;-)

Hope you enjoyed them:)


PS. Tomorrow Sally from BCMH is coming for a visit:)


Oma & Opa said...

I am home overnight for an appointment at the Rothman Institute in the morning and then its back to the campground until Sunday. Wish you were all here these past 2 weeks. The weather has been great until last night when it started to rain and rained today.I sure hope it doesn't rain this weekend. I hate packing up the pop-up in the rain. Anyway, I love the family picture that you started off your July 4th video with. Would you email that to me so I can print it? Have you tried to use the blender and add ice cream to Lil Chris' drinks? Dad & I were on the web cam with Chris, Lil Chris & Ayla. We were watching Lil Chris swing. He is growing up too fast as is Ayla!
Give my grandbabies lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Love, hugs & kisses,

Auntie Steph said...

Loved the pictures and videos! Watching the Father's Day montage made me miss you guys all the more. We had so much fun! Anyway, I just saw an advertisement for Gerber Graduates drink boxes, I'm not sure if they are supplements or just milk drink boxes, but it may be worth looking into!
Love you guys!
Give the babies hugs and kisses from Aunt Steph and Uncle Greg

Aunt D. said...

Hey Guys! Loved the pics & videos!!! You always make such great montages M. =) I'm glad the kiddies are feeling better & I hope that augmentin does the trick for Lil C's cough. Give them kisses & hugs from us!! We miss you guys!!!