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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CF Update: One week after Annual Visit

I was wrong about Lil' Chris hating the Augmentin! He loves it now! THANK YOU LORD!!! (He likes to push the syringe in;) I just hope that this antibiotic works. I should have told the dr. to give him Ceftin. I think that one works better for him. I guess we'll find out. He's been on the Augmentin for 6 days and his cough is still there, I think it might be getting better a little bit. On a good note, his cold is almost all gone!! His nose isn't running nearly as much as it was. Ayla's cold has been gone for a few days now. Yea!

You know what I forgot to ask the nurse on the phone the other day? What percentile he was in for his weight and height. Barb at work asked me the other day and it dawned on me that I never asked! You would think that this would have come up in the 3 hours that we were there! It was probably just an accident. They are usually so good there. Oh well, lesson learned. It was more distracting having 2 kids in the tiny room. I have to remember next time to still stay focused on the task at hand no matter how much they may distract me.

I still haven't heard back about the results of his throat culture. I'll let you know when I do. Hopefully it's normal!

I tried the other Vanilla sample supplement drink with him and he took one sip and that was it!! I knew it! He HATES vanilla drinks! It seems like we have tried everything....but we haven't;-) Alma(another CF mom in my town) said that she would give me some of the milk based Resource drinks that her son Jack drinks. I didn't know that Resource had milk based ones too! I wonder why the dietitian didn't tell me about it. Jack likes the vanilla, but I know Lil' Chris won't drink vanilla, so Alma is going to give me a chocolate one and a strawberry one to try with Lil' Chris. Hopefully he will take to one of them and then I can put this search to an end!!

As for trying to get Lil' Chris to cough after each Vest treatment...yeah, not going so well! Most of the time it's b/c we forget, but the times we do remember, he won't do it. Practice makes perfect, right?? =) We'll keep working on it.

I had the best time watching Lil' Chris make Ayla laugh today!! I just wish I could catch it on camera. Hopefully one of these days I will so I can share it with you all;)

Tonight I was asking Lil' Chris "Whose your best buddy?" and then I was trying to get him to say Mommy. After the first time, he did it!! I was shocked! But then he hit me in the face. lol So much for "Best Buddy's" LOL =)

Ayla is really liking her feet right now. She was pulling her socks off today and trying to put them in her mouth. Gross I know, but it's not like she walks around or anything :) lol She is grabbing at everything now...including my HAIR!!! OUCH!!! Apparently she is taking after her brother too...she loves to hold the remote for the TV;-)



My Three Sons said...

Just wait til Ayla is really moving around. That will make for some great times at the clinics. HAHA

I hope Chris starts feeling better soon.

Is there anyway you could try putting some strawberry or chocolate syrup in the vanilla? I don't know what that would taste like but maybe you could coat the flavor?

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Can Chris eat ice cream or milkshakes? What if you got him used to the vanilla flavor in milkshakes? Then he might be more open to trying the vanilla drinks you have for him.

Just a thought :-) Good luck! Kiss those babies for me!!! I miss them terribly!

<3 Christi

Graciy said...

lil Chris sounds like he acts a lot like our Danalie :)

charm said...

Glad to hear the laughter in your writing.....Ayla and lil Chris are really your joy...have fun with them while the going is good lol.....