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Monday, December 22, 2008

Pics, Update, and Fundraiser

My BIG boy sitting in a chair at our dining room table all by himself! Not even a booster seat!
Thanks Aunt D for sending Lil' Chris the Winnie the Poo chair. He loves it during Vest time!

Another shot of my BIG boy at the table!

This is usually what we see every morning and after naps. Either one or two or the top 3 drawers open. Sometimes he puts his binky in there and closes it and watches us search for it all over the room. He just laughs at us until we find it in the drawer =)
Good news...no coughing today, except for after his Vest!!! YEA!!! So I guess the Augmentin is working! I'm glad he will be well for Christmas.
I'm doing great with the pregnancy. It's getting a lil' bit harder to do things now that I'm getting so big though. My husband has to help me off the couch after a long day of work. Turning in bed isn't so much fun either. But it'll all be worth it in about 5 weeks!!
I just found out today that my BEST friend in the whole wide world is doing a fundraiser for Lil' Chris' medical trust fund!!! I couldn't believe it! She is so awesome and has a HUGE heart for Lil' Chris. I wish she lived closer so I could thank her in person. THANK YOU CHRISTI!!!!
She emailed me a lil' while back about trying to do a Jeans for Genes day at her work(she's a teacher). Well, the school wouldn't let her since it's not directly for a student or employee. So, she decided to do a fundraiser on her own! She has been making clay jewelry(necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) and selling them to raise money for Lil' Chris! She raised $85 in one day!! She is very talented, I'm sure they are all very beautiful. Once I get more info, maybe I will post it on the blog to see if anyone wants to buy any. She said that she has been taking lots of orders! Isn't she the BEST friend someone could ask for? THANKS AGAIN CHRISTI, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
PS. I know you all will be very busy on Christmas day, but be sure to check my blog that day if you get a chance. A have a couple of surprises;)
Can anyone guess what they might be?????

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The Liberto Family said...

Oh he does look like a big boy sitting at the table! I like his chair he got! Glad to hear your feeling well at this point! Get as much rest as you can.

You are going to post some pictures!!!