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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zoe Update

Here is and update on how Zoe is doing. I'm so glad her stats didn't fall this time! But weight problems with CFers can be difficult. So please continue to keep their family in your prayers.

Zoe's mom actually wrote this update in a comment on my last post, but since I know not everyone reads the comments, I copied and pasted it here....

I have to tell you all...tonight is the first time I have ever had the time to actually "blog-follow". I guess what I mean is I started looking at my brother's blog tonight...to see that they follow this blog...that I saw had a post "pray for Zoe". So I clicked on it to see that it was indeed about my Zoe! :) Wow. I am humbled...I never knew there were people out there following us and praying for Zoe. Thank you.Your sites are all wonderful. It is good to read about other cf families, it always helps to have people to relate with. Zoe did great with her 2nd surgery, came home that night! :) Now we are facing a weight loss issue...uggghh. Always something with CF. I will add you all to my blog and pray for your children faithfully.Love,Jada

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