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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Started Augmentin

His cough didn't go away, so I called the CF Clinic on Tues about 11am and didn't hear back from the CF nurse until 5:30pm. Of course the doc was gone, so there was no way she could call in a prescription that day. I was kinda mad. Then she went on to tell me that she was going to talk to the doc to see if he could start a nebulizor. She said that he should be on Albuteral(or something like that). She is the one nurse I can't stand! It seems like every time he gets sick and I have to call in, she is always the one that calls back. She always tries to put her 2 cents in when she is not the doc. Why does she have to upset me like that?

Anyway, then she finally called me back on Wed at 2pm to tell me that our doc said to do Augmentin for 21 days and no neb. YEA! We were glad, b/c he likes Augmentin. Last time he had Ceftin and it was such a pain getting it down him. My husband picked it up last night, so he got one dose in. Today was his first full dose. He has to take 1/2 of teaspoon 2 times a day. He really likes the taste, b/c they sweetened it up for him. Thank God!!

His cough is still kinda bad. It is a wet one, not a weird one though:) His nose is still runny too! Hopefully it all goes away soon:)


Zoe Isabella said...

I hope and pray his cough gets better real quick on the antibiotic. I hate to hear them coughing. Give him a big hug!

Alicia said...

Isn't it frustrating to deal with medical staff like that? We just finished up with augmentin a couple of weeks ago-hope it works soon!

Aunt D. said...

I hope Lil C is feeling better! I can't imagine why this nurse is so anxious to get him on the neb? If he's not wheezing then why put him on it? Frustrating! Give the lil guy a big hug & kiss from me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry to hear you needed an antibiotic, but hopefully Chris will feel better soon. I have had that same thing happen to me, and I am betting it was the same nurse. Now I call, press 1 for sick kid, and I'll leave a message for the nurse. I also ask how long I will need to wait to hear back, and that I would like it to be within an hour. I haven't had that problem again. Hope you don't have to work too much this weekend! Daniel's Mom