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Monday, December 15, 2008

Scary Cough

Lil' Chris gave us a lil' scare this morning. He woke up at 3:00am coughing. But it wasn't his usual cough. It was a very strange sounding cough. It sounded like it hurt his throat. I hate to say this, but it sounded like a dog trying to cough up a bone or something. Seriously! It was a raspy sound of cough. We first thought he was going to throw up from all the coughing, but he never did. My husband gave him some water to try to help, but he still kept coughing. We felts so bad for him b/c it sounded like it hurt just to cough.

The good thing was that he was in good spirits. He wanted to get down and play instead of being rocked. We tried CPT with the rubber thing like we did when he was a baby. Not really sure if it helped at all, b/c he kept coughing. Plus, he wanted to play with it and do it to himself...so cute!

Then as I went to bed, my husband took him downstairs and did a Vest treatment to see if that would help. Well, it apparently did, b/c the coughing stopped! Thank God for the Vest!!! He had fun playing with his toys while he did his Vest, then it was off to bed. My husband put a fluffy pillow in his crib to prop him up a little and then he went down no problem and no weird coughing! Thankfully he slept peacefully the rest of the night, actually until 11:00 this morning!! This made Mommy very happy=)

He did cough a little when he woke up, but it wasn't as bad sounding as it was earlier. Since then, he has coughed a few times, but still it doesn't sound as weird as it did before. It is more of a wet cough now, with just a hint of the weird cough in it. Sorry, it is really hard to explain what we heard this morning. I just pray that we never hear it again.

Please pray that he has a better night tonight,


Anonymous said...

Daniel and Chris must have been talking last night. Daniel has been sick since Thursday, and around 3a.m. this morning had a bad cough attack. I ended up giving him a breathing treatment that helped quite a bit. Since this was day five for the cough, I called the CF center this morning and he got put on Bactrum for 21 days! I hope Chris' cough doesn't get worse. Hopefully, he will sleep well and uninterrupted tonight! Daniel's Mom

Jessie said...

I hope that everything turns out ok...we are thinking about chris :)

Leslie said...

Glad Lil' Chris seems better. I know that can be scary! Isn't it strange how we can tell different coughs? That's awesome that his body responded to the Vest treatment too. I know Ashley's neb and vest treatments make a big difference especially when she begins getting a cold. So much to be thankful for! Hopefully he's completely fine!

Aunt D. said...

Hey! I hope Lil C had a better night last night! I'll be praying for him!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought here but maybe he had a mucus plug. I have 2 kids with cf and follow your blog daily :).. I brought my son to the er before because of a weird constant cough that came out of no where and by the time I got to the er he was fine and laughing up a storm... They said where it stopped right away it was most likely a mucus plug and the coughing dislodged it. Hope he is feeling better! Melissa

The Liberto Family said...

I offten wonder what I would be like if Melissa didn't have CF. Would a little cough bother me? Anytime Melissa starts to cough I start thinking the worst. I'm glad the vest help Chris out and he is doing better. I will pray he stays healthy! You don't need a sick big brother when his little sister arrives!