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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Culture Correction & Ayla Game Update

My bad!!!

In my last post, I stated that lil' Chris cultured Staphylococcus areus sensitive to Oxycillin (MRSA). Thanks to Jada(Zoe's mom), I double checked the paper they sent and I had typed the wrong thing. He actually cultured Staphylococcus areus sensitive to Oxycillin (MSSA), not (MRSA). Sorry, my bad.

Thanks Jada for catching that=) I probably had everyone worried and didn't even realize it.
On another note...I'M STILL PREGNANT!!!!

So those who are out of the running to try to guess her due date are:

1. Angela(Phenny's mom) with 1/17
2. D (my sister:) with 1/18
3. Julie (Seamus' mom) with 1/19
4. Christi (sorry...Aunt Christi;) with 1/19
5. Oma (MIL) with 1/20 (well today is half over and I don't feel like I'm going into labor)

Those still in the running are:

1. Steph (SIL) with 1/21
2. My 3 Sons (Carson's mom) with 1/22
3. Jada(Zoe's mom) with 1/23
4. Opa (FIL) with 1/24
5. Christy (Color Me Healthy) with 1/24
6. Cindy (Reilly's mom) with 1/24
7. Tracy Liberto (Melissa's mom) with 1/26
7. Mommom C with 1/27
9. Charmaine with 1/29 (my due date;)

So when do I think Ayla will arrive you ask??? I say Fri. 1/23 at 3:33am 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 21 inches long. We'll see if I'm right;) My dad says 1/22 and my husband says 1/21. Watch it be February something=) LOL!! Nobody picked February so Charmaine would be the closest if that happens;)


PS. I'll leave you with this lil' pic that my husband took today and then sent to my phone so I could see it at work=)

BTW, those are Mr. Potato Heads glasses. Too cute;)


Alicia said...

That picture is too cute! I claim February!!!

Zoe Isabella said...

Alright....I put in my vote...but don't see it on the list.:(
I am so happy that Chris cultured just staph, the mrsa is not one you want to have. I was worried when I read what you had typed...hoping that it was a mistake. Clinics don't normally treat staph. Only if it is mrsa. Or you might see it on a lab report as orsa, mrsa and orsa are the EXACT same thing, sometimes I think they change out names of things to try and confuse people. :)
Have a great night...hang in there...not too much longer and you will be holding your precious daughter in your arms....


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I'm SOOOO sorry I missed your vote! I'll update it right now and add you to the list.


Hopefully there isn't anybody else I missed.

Leslie said...

LOVE this picture! We have one just like that of Ashley... probably about the same age as what Lil' Chris is. Maybe I'll have to look for it and post it! :)

Good luck with with the baby SOON! I can't wait to hear the wonderful news about her being born!

charm said...

M, Ayla is waiting to arrive on the same day as Carmen - we already spoke about this and you cant change your mind lol hahahahahaha......but should you suddenly get the urge to do spring cleaning (in the middle of your winter) then I guess you might consider waiting in the car....(old wives tale)..I am holding thumbs for you, dont be so impatient....hahahaha. love and hugs to the boys and a special one to you and Ayla. xxxxxx Charm

The Liberto Family said...

Alright I'm still in the game! Love picture of Chris!

Auntie Steph said...

Uncle Greg is guessing Ayla will be born on Jan. 31st at 2:47AM and she will be 7lbs 3oz 19in, brown hair and hazel eyes!
Love the picture of Lil Chris with his potato head glasses! I have pictures of Nathan and Lincoln both doing that very same thing, and then putting the potato head mouths in their mouth! It's so cute when they do silly things like that! I hope that as I am writing this you are going into labor, because today was my day...the time will be wrong but at least I could win for the day! (Side note to my niece...Come on Ayla, come out today for Auntie Steph...and I know Mommy would greatly appreciate it also)!
Love you guys...and the pictures of Lil Chris in the snow!
I will be waiting for my phone call this evening! :)