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Monday, January 19, 2009

Throat Culture and Snow Montage

We finally got lil' Chris' throat culture back...he grew the bacteria Staphylococcus areus sensitive to Oxycillin (MRSA)...whatever that all means???? All I know is that he tested this once before when he was just a lil' baby. This kind of bacteria does not need treatment. They said to just keep doing what we're doing. This is the first time he has cultured something in a while, but he did just get over a cough 2 days before he was cultured. He's not coughing now, so we are not worried about it. I just pray that he stays healthy, b/c we are going to have lots of visitors coming soon to see him and Ayla.

We have had lots of snow here recently and of course we couldn't resist taking lil' Chris out to play in it=) Here are some pics and video of our first venture out into the snow in 2009. This year he could walk! Well, let's say he tried to walk;) All together I think we might have about 10 inches or so. Maybe that's why Ayla decided not to make her debut this weekend;) Hopefully it stops snowing soon so she'll come out =)

Oh yeah, at the end of the montage, Daddy is playing with his new toy. He's getting a lot of use out of it already!!! It's snowing as I type this...OH NO!! Will Ayla EVER come out to play?????


The Smithson Family said...

I wish it would snow like that here in Georgia! We get a little snow every once in a while, but not much! Glad to hear Lil' Chris is better and I hope Ayla gets here soon! Good luck.

Zoe Isabella said...

Hi! Hope you guys are holding up ok in the snow! :)
I just wanted to thank you for the kind comment in my blog tonight. As moms, we need all the encouragement we can get...right???!!?? :)
I also wanted to put my two cents in worth about Chris's cultures. Staph Augh. should not be treated with any antibiotics. But you mentioned (mrsa) in your comments. MRSA is when staph aur. is NOT succeptible to antibiotics. So....you can have staph aur....but it be susp. to antibiotics. But most cf docs won't treat just staph aur....they normally let it run it's course. But if it is MRSA....that is a different story altogether. Sooooo...I am concerned as to whether Chris has staph. aur. or MRSA. Let me know...there is a huge difference. I know you are treating him with the best care possible because that is the kind of parent you are. !


Aunt D. said...

That was great!! Lil C was so cute all bundled up so he couldn't move. I love that! He looked like he was loving the sledding too - just like his Dad!

I bet big Chris likes having that snow blower this year! I don't know how you guys shovelled all that snow in previous years!

Believe it or not, my kids actually have a snow day today! They're only calling for about 3 inches but it was enough to close the schools down here. LOL!! As I type this it's snowing pretty hard out there so maybe I'll have some snow pics for the family blog later today!

I hope today is your day to meet baby Ayla! I'm keeping my phone close by for that call!

Oma & Opa said...

That video is soooo cute! The older Lil Chris gets, the more fun you guys will have with him and Ayla in the snow. I used to love going out in the snow with Steph & Chris even into their teen years. Enjoy it and cherish it because all too soon they become adults. Keep me posted about the culture and the comment from Jada, I'm concerned too.
8 days to your due date. Ayla has to be born today, cause that was my guess...C'MON AYLA!!! I know it's warm inside Mommy's belly but I promise you that Mommy & Daddy will keep you just as warm on the outside. Oma & Opa love you and your Big Brother sooooo much and we are very excited to meet you, so hurry up Princess!
Love, hugs & kisses to you all.