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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rough Night:(

Lil' Chris had a rough night last night, or should I say this morning. He woke up at 1:15am throwing up. We think it was either the string cheese he ate earlier or the mac and cheese he ate earlier. The mac and cheese was a kind he never had before. The string cheese he has had lots of times before. But the string cheese was coming out in big chunks that looked like he never even chewed them! It was SO gross and smelled SO bad! He got it all over his crib, bumper, floor, even the skirt of the crib!

While my husband changed the crib sheets and cleaned the floor, I rocked him to sleep...that is until he would throw up again. This happened about 6 times! Poor kid was exhausted after throwing up so much! He would fall asleep, throw up, fall asleep, throw up! I felt so bad for him. Finally about 3:30am, when we thought he got it all out(kinda new the signs from past experiences), we put him down to sleep in his new clean crib. He slept the rest of the night peacefully, thank God!

Today he seemed fine! He woke up this morning with a BIG smile on his face! It was as if nothing happened! He is such a good kid:)

He is only coughing a couple of times a day now. Hopefully it will be completely gone by Monday, b/c that is the last day for his antibiotic(Augmentin). Then he has his CF clinic appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully everything goes well and we get nothing but good reports=)

I'll let you know how the CF clinic appointment goes and the Level 2 ultrasound that I have on Wednesday. We are praying for all good reports, but I'll be ready to have the baby if something looks wrong. Please pray that doesn't have to happen.

PS. Please take the time to visit Lil' Chris' CF friends blog, Phenny. He's had a rough few days and could use some prayers right now.


Alicia said...

Poor thing! And poor mom and dad having to clean all those sheets & clothes!

Zoe Isabella said...

Oh, the throw-ups are the worst! Ugghh! I can hardly stand the smell, thank God Scott normally cleans it all up while I hold the child that is sick. I'm so glad he seems fine this morning!
Here's to a good clinic appt. & ultrasound for you!!

My Three Sons said...

I'm glad he is feeling better today. Are you going to Children's? Carson has two appointments Wed I think they are 9:30 and 11:00. Let me know and maybe we can catch up somehow. We start off in OT and then over to Special Care.


Kaci and Carson

Leslie said...

I've gotten behind on reading blogs with the holidays and all. I hope you guys had a great Christmas!! Wanted to let you know that I LOVE your header picture!! Very good picture of your family and SOOOO very adorable of Lil Chris touching your stomach! (It's fun to actually see your picture too!) :) I love you baby girl's name too. I'll be praying that your appointment for her and Lil Chris' CF clinic goes well on Wed. Take care!!
P.S. Glad Lil Chris is feeling better this morning!

Aunt D. said...

I'm so glad Lil C is feeing better now! Throw up is the worst!! Let us know how everything goes on Wednesday! BTW - I love that new widget you put on to track Ayla's progress. It's so cool!

Auntie Steph said...

Aww...so sorry that Lil Chris was sick! That's a horrible way to wake up, for him and you guys! Yea Big Chris...what a guy to take on the chore of cleaning up stinky puke! M, it's nice to know he's not like the guy from the movie 4 Christmases, who starts gagging at the sight of throw up and tells his girlfriend and the baby to go away, or he'll puke too! Well thank God Lil C woke up feeling better! Good luck to you, Ayla, and Lil C at your Dr appointments!

Erica- CFF said...

Hi M! Sounds as though you've had a rough couple of days... glad to hear he's feeling better, poor little guy! Good luck on your upcoming appointments!

Susanna said...

Dear M, What a rough night! Aren't these CF kids such troopers though? I'm glad to hear he is doing better.

I know I haven't been touch for a long time, but I still think of you very, very often. We've had a move, my husband is gearing up for deployment, and of course the holidays are always busy too. I have had very little computer access these past few months, but every time I do, I check up on you guys.

Janna and Chloe seem to be doing ok. Chloe is finishing up augmentin, after a long cold/cough. And Janna is almost 2 weeks into Bactrium because she grew the MRSA bacteria from her last throat culture!!! That really gave me a very hard time at first, because it's so scary and I didn't know what it meant for her, her lungs, for Chloe, for Baby Levi, for those around us... (The short explaination is that they are not as worried about the bacteria as long as they can try to get rid of it, and she doesn't get an Infection with it on board)
I really struggled with it at first, and tried to learn and do everything I could, but then I had to put it in God's hands, and He has helped me to rest.

They started both girls on BOOST 1.5 (has 355cal/8ozs) instead of Pediasure (246cal/8oz)! Janna (3yrs, 3mnths) weighed 32 lbs tonight--a record!! I think Chloe(19 months) is around 22-23 lbs. And boy is she turning into a talker! If her words weighed anything, she'd weigh a ton! :-)

Back to you - I can't believe you are soo close to your due date already! That is very exciting. And your baby's name is beautiful.

I must go. Let those who remember us know that we're doind ok:) Email me if you want to. (my husband gets our email on his phone) I'll still check in every time I can. I can't wait to hear all about Little Ayla! Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with your family. Let me know if I can ever do anything for you.