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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on OB appt.

Well....no baby today:'(

My OB appt. went well. She said everything looks and sounds great still. I am now 3+ cm (which means 3 to 4 cm) and still 50% effaced. She said with second pregnancies, 50% is normal at this time. I never would have guessed that you efface quicker with your first child!

Anyway, we did talk about inducing. She didn't insist on it or anything. She just left it up to us. All we would have to do is schedule the appointment. So basically I could pick who wins the contest:) LOL Just kidding:)

My main concern was ....If she does have CF, would it be better to let her stay in there as long as possible to let her lungs fully develop?? She said that if I don't go by my due date, she recommends me getting induced and it wouldn't hurt her in any way. If I decide not to, they won't let me go past 41 weeks. She will definitely want to induce at that point. Which will probably be fine with me at that point:)

So, I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any good advice for me??? Isn't Ayla telling me that she is not ready to come out yet?? Or should I induce?? Is inducing bad?? I know they give you pitocin which is a drug to make you have contractions, but is that good for Ayla?? Although, I did get pitocin with lil' Chris and he turned out fine! I don't know.

My husband thinks we should induce, b/c we are expecting visitors to fly out on the 5th. He's leaving it totally up to me though, since it is my body;) I think he's just anxious;) We thought that we would've had her by now, that's why we said the 5th would be okay, but now it looks like we might not even have her by the 5th!

So, again...I don't know. I don't really want to force her to come out if she is not ready yet. I'd rather it just happen naturally. Again, I don't know what to do:(

Please pray we make the right decision for Ayla,


Zoe Isabella said...

I know the waiting is sooo hard...but I think if you can hold out it makes for a much quicker/less intense labor. She will be here before you know it.
Hugs to you......

Carrie said...

The only child of mine that I was induced with was Sawyer and that was because he was starting to show signs of distress. He was born a little over two weeks early and his lungs were fine. The doctors always tried to get me to induce with my other three and I decided to wait it out until at least after my due date. They all three came on their own right around the due date...Daniel was 2 days late, Emily was 4 days late, and Ethan was 2 days early. So IMHO I say wait it out as long as the baby is doing great. I think its much easier on you and she will come when she is ready. Now if your due date comes and goes then I would say go for the induction!! That is just my little opinion though! Praying that you will know what the best decision for you is.

Just Jenkins... said...

go check out mothering.com.. they have some good articles about why not to induce.. best wishes!

Leslie said...

You're doing a great job! Hang in there! I was not induced with either of our girls, but had one scheduled with Alli (it was going to be 5 days after her due date). But much to our surprise my labor began 4 days after her due date and she was born on the day we were going to induce but didn't have to!

I had 2 different doctors with the girls and actually had pitocin both times. And we knew both times about the CF possibility so it must not be at harmful to the baby. It didn't seem to affect Ashley at all.

Keep up the great work and don't stress about your decision too much. Lay it before the Lord and He will help guide your path! Praying for you! (And looking forward to hearing your great news whenever it happens!)

My Three Sons said...

I think that inducing at 39 weeks is perfectly fine. She is considered full term and her lungs are developed. If you feel more comfortable with her staying with you a little bit longer, that is fine as well. Since I'm out of the game (unless you have her in the next 115 minutes), listen to your heart. You know best.

Good luck and I think either way, she is going to be fine.

Also, since I'm not fully educated on CF while pregnant, can you not find out if she has CF until after she is born???? I didn't know if there were tests to run to find out while she was still in your belly.

The Liberto Family said...

I know what you are going through. Even though I didn't know if Melissa has CF or not I didn't want to be induce. My doctor was concern about my health. I was so swollen and retaining water so bad. She also thought Melissa was going to be a big baby. As the weeks went on I started thinking more and more about it. I was ready for her to be out. I didn't have to be induce my water broke at 39 weeks, two days before I was schedule to be induced! My body wanted Melissa out.
You and your husband need to pray about it and God will give you the answer.
Either way I know you both will be ok.

Praying for you all


Aunt D. said...

Hey Girl! It sounds to me (based on what you said in your post) like you already know what you want to do. =) Don't feel guilty about it! There's no rush for Ayla to get here right this second. You have 6 days until she's even due so you could still go at any time. I know you guys are anxious to get her here & everything but sometimes an induction can be a loooong labor. Maybe just try some extra walking right now, stairs, picking up Lil C etc. to jump start things a bit before your due date. Then worry about induction if you go past your due date, you know? A Feb b-day would be really cool though... =)

Flo said...

Hey there.... I'm sorry you guys haven't gotten any conclusive decisions yet! That's a struggle. I'll just answer your question. My doctor is not opposed to inducing a week early in "most" cases. Based on my history, that I went 10 days early last time, and had no other complications, she was not worried at all about inducing 10 days early this time b/c 1) I was already dialated to a 3 and 2) she didn't want me to be walking around at 7 or 8 and not know it. The health of the child is a huge concern, I know. One thing, induction does allow things to be "controlled" I guess. The nurses kept talking about some people coming in who deliver naturally (aka, NO meds at all!) and how it can't be controlled as well....things happen super fast or super slow, and how that wasn't fun.....

Anyway, pray about it. I really don't know either way now that I've done both. They both have pros and cons, probably the biggest "pro" though for inducing is you KNOW when it'll happen and are prepared. Prayers for you!

Alicia said...

Wow, it sounds like everyone said the same thing with different words! I know I'm commenting late, so I won't even give my opinion. Just know that I'm thinking about you! Love,