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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lil' Chris' First Time Bowling

Last night my work finally had our Christmas Party(December is too busy for us to have it then). We had it at a bowling alley, which was a lot of fun! Lil' Chris got to bowl for the first time!! He did a great job too!! Everybody was cheering him on like he got a strike every time:) He started copying everybody cheering after the first time...so after he would roll the ball, he would come running back screaming with excitement!! It was the cutest thing EVER!!

I even tried bowling a couple to see if it would make me go into labor:) No luck:(

So those out of the running now for guessing when Ayla will be born are:
1. Cindy(Reilly's mom) with 1/24
2. Christy(Color Me Healthy) with 1/24
3. Opa(FIL) with 1/24

Those still in the running are:
1. Mommom C with 1/27
2. Charmaine with 1/29 (my due date:)
3. Greg(BIL) with 1/31


I thought I was going to go yesterday, b/c nobody picked the 25th=) But...I didn't:(
So, if I go today...Tracy Liberto will win! She is the only one who picked 1/26! Good Luck Tracy=)


Julie said...

That's so cute. Seamus loves bowling too and it's great exercise.

I hope today's the day!

My Three Sons said...

Very cute video. I'm glad you all got to have some fun while "waiting". I'm sure she will come very soon. I hope you are getting some rest while waiting it out.

Auntie Steph said...

Loved the video! I had to laugh at how long it took the ball to get to the pins! Him screaming and yelling all excitedly was adorable! Now we can all go bowling when we visit, cuz all the boys love bowling!