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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Say "Cheese" Video

Here is a video of lil' Chris saying "Cheese" and just being silly=) Sorry it's dark, it was taken with my husbands cell phone. He had the light from his phone on, but the only thing it did was shine bright in lil' Chris' eyes:)

As for me, I'm still hanging in there. Everybody at work says that I am wobbling now:)LOL Less than 2 weeks til my due date...YEA!!! We are all ready for Ayla to come now. Our bags are packed, her room is all ready, and the car seat is in the car! I'll post pics of her and lil' Chris' room soon =)

Have a GREAT day!
PS. Don't forget to vote for Ayla's birth date, time, height, and weight if you didn't already:) I wonder who is going to win=)

1 comment:

Aunt D. said...

So cute you guys!! I can't wait to see him in person next month & little Ayla too!