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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Very Special Song

I saw this song on Phenny's site and had to put it on our blog.

It touched me in a special way. I teared up in the middle of the song when it said "I need answers, help and a miracle or 2 wouldn't hurt" and "It's not the life that I have chosen, but it's the life that has chosen me" and the last line "I need a miracle!"

This song I'm sure touches any parent of a child with special needs. We all need answers to "why" and we all need God's help to guide us, and we all want a miracle for our special children.....A CURE!!!

I hope this song touches you as it did me.

1 comment:

Aunt D. said...

That was really great M! Thanks for posting it so the rest of us would hear it too.

Hope you're feeling good & hanging in there!! =)