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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OB appt Update and new blogger buddy:)

Well...no Ayla AGAIN:'(

I didn't even change! I'm still at 3+ cm and 50% effaced! She did say that I could go any day now though...so that's a plus...although, I should hope that I would go any day now since my due date is only a day away!!

She asked if we wanted to induce on Thurs, but she is still leaving it completely up to us. She told us to think about it and call to make the appt if we decide that is what we want to do. Chris is all for it!! But he is leaving it up to me. I kinda want to see how far she will go;) I wouldn't mind a February baby:) The amethyst birthstone is my favorite;)

I said a long time ago that it would be neat if she went on 2/2/09, b/c lil' Chris was born on 6/6/07!! So, again, I don't know what to do. I'll just pray about it and see what kind of plan God has in store for us.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post though:) It was fun reading them while we were waiting in the dr's office. My husband can get them on his phone;) I hope you all keep them comin when I go into labor! It will keep my mind off the pain and will put a smile on my face to know so many people are thinking and praying for us:)

On another note...a new CF blogger friend found me today!! I love new CF blogger buddies=) It's actually a young couple. Kellee is 21 and is insanely in love with her best friend Michael who is 24 and has CF. Click here to go check out their blog and to encourage Michael to go to the dr's to try to get rid of this cough he has right now:) Tell him I sent you to bug him:) LOL LOL


PS. I thought that was funny that a lot of people thought the new header pic was a purple bean bag or ball at first:) But nope...it's just Ayla chillin in my big belly;) It must be pretty comfy in there, b/c she sure doesn't want to come out! =)


My Three Sons said...

Well just remember that this is your second baby so yes, she will come a lot quicker once she is ready. I went into labor with Carson on 4/05/06 and was so ready to have him that day. He decided to show up 4/7/06. Yup, I was in labor in the hospital with him for 3 days. Oh well, that is really his way. Sounds like your little one may be a little stubborn as well. LOL

Oma & Opa said...

It's funny that My Three Sons commented about Ayla being a little stubborn. I have been saying that for about a week. I think stubborn runs in our family so watch out. LOL
Remember, when I went into labor with Chris, it was 1 hour before he was born. This delivery will hopefully be as quick for you.
Sending lots & lots of love, hugs & kisses to you all.

Zoe Isabella said...

That is so funny that other people thought your purple tummy was a bean bag...I thought it was a blanket of some sort!! :) Hang in there....Ayla will be here soon!!!

Auntie Steph said...

LOL...I have to laugh, cuz I just had a thought, when I read the comments about your purple belly...it reminded me of a maternity shirt I had that was purple, and I liked it when I first bought it, but then the bigger I got, the more I hated it, and I told Greg that I felt like Grimace and/or Barney and so of course that it is what he called me everytime I wore the hideous thing! LOL
BTW...I can't really comment or sympathize with you, cuz I have no idea what labor is like...scheduled c-section was awesome!!!! Greg says your a real trooper, working up until you have Ayla, unlike me who had to be put on bed rest and early maternity leave!!! and then wimp out and have c-sections! :) He's such a brat!
Well, I'm rooting for you to go tonight!!!! C'mon Ayla, you have to come before Uncle Greg's chosen date!!! ;)

CFlover said...


Thanks for the comments and the mention in your blog! We feel special =)
I love how cf brings perfect stranges together and right from the get go you have so many stories and such in common.

Anonymous said...

Oh M...
Have I mentioned how much stronger you are than me? That belly is HUGE!!! Oh geez..... I hope she is coming today! You need to see your feet!

I love you and continue to pray daily! God is so good..... I can't wait to see you!

Aunt Christi