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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marcus-Respiratory Therapist Blogger

I've met a new blogger friend, Marcus, who does not have CF, but is raising money for a cure! He is studying to be a Respiratory Therapist, which he will most likely be working with CFers. I think it is wonderful that he is raising money and is going to walk in the Great Strides near him in NC. He is doing a raffle to raise money, so check out his site here. I've also added him to my blog list under "RT Student Blog" so we can see his progress.

Thanks Marcus for all that you are doing for all our CFers out there=) It means the world to us!


Marcus said...

Hey, thank you for the kind words. What I'm doing is such a small part but I'm glad I can help.

Aunt D. said...

Hey M! I just checked out Marcus' blog (very cool) to see where his GS walk will be. I'm going to talk to the boss =) but I think the location might be a little too far from us. I'm def going to see if I can find another one closer though! If not, then maybe we'll be hitting Marcus' walk after all!

Hope you're feeling good still & getting as much rest as you can! I used to sleep sitting up on a recliner at this stage of the game b/c I was so uncomfortable so I know how hard it is to get good rest! Hang in there kiddo - you're almost there! =)

Flo said...

Thanks for leaving your comment...I'm about to update my post today, so I'll tell you ALL about being induced....different, but good. Prayers for you in this last season of your pregnancy! I know it seems like it's going on forever! I just pray that baby is healthy and ready to get here!

charm said...

M, Ayla its almost time to come out girlie, mommy is tired and she needs you to arrive. lol