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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ayla is 2 Months Old!!

Wow!! Can you believe Ayla is 2 months old?? I can't.
Here is a pic of Ayla's first day in this world, meeting her big brother...

Here is Ayla and Lil' Chris today, watching TV together...

She has been smiling sooooo much lately! She likes trying to laugh and make noises too;) We've started to give her 5 oz of formula at night time, but still 4 oz during the day. She usually sleeps 5-6 hours at night. Not too bad. She loves to kick her lil' legs, which aren't so skinny anymore;) She also loves to stare at us, it's so funny. She likes watching our every move too. It's neat watching her turn her head when we walk away;) She has sadly grown out of some of her newborn outfits:( It's sad to have to pack them away:( But it is a good sign that she is thriving!!

She LOVES her big brother!!! In the pic above, Lil' Chris came over to her, gave her some kisses, and then just put his lil' head on her belly and stayed there and watched TV. Ayla loved it!! She even started to watch TV too! At least, that's what it looked like anyways;)

Well, pray that we have a great turnout at our CiCi's fundraiser Sunday night! I'm kinda nervous about going around talking to all the people and bussing for tips. I've never bussed tables before, but I don't imagine it will be that hard;) Wish us luck!!


Aunt D. said...

Happy 2 month birthday Ayla! We love you!

M, those pics were too cute!! I can't get over how long she looks in the new pic of her & Lil C! Can't wait to see them in person again...any possibility that you guys might visit us b/f the kids & I come out to see you in June? ;-)

Good luck tomorrow! I was the worst bus girl in the world for the few weeks that I did it back in the day. =) I'm sure you'll do a much better job!! Have a great time!!

The Liberto Family said...

What a sweet picture! Glad to hear Ayla is growing and sleeping well for you. Time goes by so fast. Happy 2 months Ayla!

Oma & Opa said...

Happy 2 months, Princess!! How'd it go today at CiCi's? I talked to the manager at Wendy's yesterday and gave her my letter of request for the fundraiser. I should hear from her by Thursday, or I am to call her, to pick a day. We have to pick a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and the hours will be from 5-8 pm. We will get 10% of ALL sales during that time. YEA!! Tomorrow I am going to hit a few more places. One of our teens parents own a pizza/sandwich shop and I am going to talk to them in person either tomorrow or Tuesday about a fundraiser or the pin-ups and the Sock Outlet across the street let me put up a CFF Great Strides poster and a container with Lil Chris' picture for donations in the store. I was soo happy.
Missing you all
Lots of love, hugs & kisses to all