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Monday, March 9, 2009

Cough & Cold Update

Lil' Chris' nose is still runny and his cough has gotten worse, so I called the CF Clinic to get an antibiotic before it is too late. The clinic just called back and said that they called in the antibiotic called Ceftin. Lil' Chris has had this one before, he just hates the taste! Which makes it hard on all of us. Hopefully it won't be so bad this time. He has to take 3.5ml 2 times a day for 21 days!

They originally asked me which antibiotic I thought would be best for him, and I told them that I thought the last time he was on Augmentin it didn't really kick his cough out completely. It had done that before too, so I'm glad that they took my advice and went with the Ceftin with no problems. We don't have to take him in to see the dr, but she said that they want him better in 5 days, and the cough to be completely gone after being on Ceftin for the 21 days. If this happens, than we can just keep our already scheduled visit for April 22nd. If he doesn't get better after the 21 days, then they will probably want to see him.

The nurse didn't say anything about doing the Vest more, but I have already started too. I had him do a double session this morning. I know what you're thinking..."40 minutes??? That's a long time for a kid!!" I usually never do that, but he just sounded sooooo junky this morning that I had to! Does anyone else do a double session or do you just up the number of times you do it in a day?? I'm also trying to do the Vest 3-4 times a day(don't worry, not 40 minutes each time;)

Here is a video of Lil' Chris coughing last night. I was actually getting video of Ayla when he started coughing and I realized I never got video of him coughing before. So here it is...

As for the rest of us...Ayla's nose was stuffy all night long and this morning too, poor thing:( I've been suctioning out her nose all day! At least she doesn't put up a fight like her brother;) As for me, my nose hasn't stopped running unfortunately since yesterday afternoon, so I had to cancel my dentist appt for today and rescheduled. Hopefully it goes away soon, b/c I'm tired of wearing a dr.'s mask and carrying my sanitizer around;) If I would have done this 2 days ago, me and Ayla may not have gotten sick. But I honestly thought he was just teething! The good news is...Big Chris hasn't gotten sick yet!! Hopefully he won't. He was so nice to get up with Ayla all last night even though he had to get up early to go to work. Such a good guy:) I trained him well=) lol
PS. Don't forget to read my last post about the new CF movie and spread the word!!!!


Julie said...

Oh, I know that cough well. It's not a nice sound. We've been doing an extra 30 minute session of the vest in the afternoon. He's always done 30 minutes in the AM and PM too.

I hope the Ceflin works. Seamus is on Augmentin and after a week it still hasn't totally cleared up his cough. Maybe we need to switch too.

Hope the whole family feels better soon.

Jessie said...

I hope he feels better soon, Breezy has never been on Ceftin but its good to know it taste bad before the give it to her.

Katey said...

Sorry you 3 have colds!! I'll be praying the Ceftin kicks in quickly for little Chris and that he is feeling MUCH better!!!

Augmentin has never worked completely for me...ever!!

Cindy said...

Ceftin usually helps, and Augmentin usually does very little, so Reilly is the same! Our doctor always tell us as soon as there is an increase in cough or nasal drainage, to increase vest & Albuterol (don't know if he is on that) to every 4 hours. She does it 20 mins twice a day, so it is about 2 extra treatments per day. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Zoe Isabella said...

Hi! Ooohhh that cough sounds yucky...ugghhh.
Poor little guy. Considering most of you have some type of symptoms....hopefully Lil Chris's is the same virus...and the antibiotic will keep it from getting worse.
I'm not sure why...but tonight I got like 3 days worth of different postings by you....am I somehow not getting them on a daily basis when they are posted?? Anyone else having this issue?
I hope and pray you all start feeling better....especially Lil chris...huggsss

The Smithson Family said...

I hope you all get better...we have had something similar around our house! We have gone through sooo many tissues!

Graciy said...

I have never heard such a little CFer cough... For some reason Josh just loves lil Chris, maybe its all the vids of him being so sweet to his little sister.

About you commet earlier Josh and his brother didn't work to hard to keep there germs away when they were little tikes. before the CFF stopped supporting CF camps there mother didn't know the risk. So they shared the same germys. It sad and a pain to do this but it is worth the risk for him to see his brother CF or no CF.

Oma & Opa said...

I pray that you all will get well quick & Chris will stay well. There are so many "bugs" going around. They hit Steph & Greg's house as well as some families at church. Fortunatly Dad & I have been ok. I don't need any "bug" to hit right now. I have enough going on.
I was telling Chris about a book I am reading and told him that you both should read it. "THE SHACK Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity" by Wm. Paul Young. I told Chris that he should be able to find it in Walmart and if he couldn't find it to let me know and I will mail a book. It is a good book and the way that the Trinity is shown...
Anyway, let me know if you guys can't find it.
Give my grandbabies hugs & kisses for me.
Lots of love, hugs & kisses,

Aunt D. said...

Hey Guys! I hope you're feeling better today! I'm glad the dr put Lil C on an antibiotic right away w/out making you come in. Eva was on Ceftin many times & it always seemed to knock out her ear infections. We're thinking of you guys! Wish I could be there to help you out! Kiss the babies for me!

Auntie Steph said...

So sorry to hear you guys are not feeling well! I pray that everyone will recover quickly...especially before this weekend! I can't wait to come see Ayla and Lil Chris!
The kids are excited to play with Lil Chris. Nathan said he wants to see Ayla, because "I love her"!
Love you guys! Hugs and Kisses to the lil ones!

The Liberto Family said...

Poor Chris that cough does sound bad. You did the right thing by call the CF Doctors. Hope it gets well soon.

Leslie said...

Hope the antibiotics kick the cough for Lil Chris quickly! And I hope you and Ayla get better soon too! When we increase Ashley's neb treatments and vest treatments we just do it more times a day, like 3-4 times a day but still 20 minutes each time. But I'm sure doing 40 minutes at one time is not going to hurt him. As Lil Chris' mommy, you know what is best for him! Good job!

Carolyn said...

Hi, Sorry to hear about the cold going around! Hope all of you feel better soon! If our boys get a cough we will up their vest treatment from 2 times a day to 3 or 4 times. Normally they do 2 30 minutes sessions a day but if they get sick we will do 4 treatments usually all for 30 min each. We find that it kicks the cough a lot faster! Dr Warwick (the inventor of the vest and the top CF Dr in the US) told us if they are sick to do 3 vest treatments for 45 min a day but my kids don't like to do the vest for 45 min at a time, they would rather do 4 treatments. Anyway good luck!!